Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Creating quality content for your site

»Content is king« is what I hear and read time and time again from the best money makers on the internet. An important part of marketing is how your prospects see you and your product in their mind. Which category do you fall in depends on many factors - eg. the look of your page, how did they get to know about you, how interested are they in the subject, how informative, original and new is the information you give them etc.

Here I'm going to talk about creating content for your web site. Ofcourse nothing beats the good old research and writing your own articles, but I know most people are very busy nowadays and want to start earning those bucks immediately without any work on their part. Fair enough, not everybody is made the same way and fortunately the internet has actually made that possible.

The first important thing is that the content is always fresh (the more frequent the updates the better). That will bring many visitors back for more – returning customers are easy to forget about, but are very important. They obviously liked what you wrote and are now more opened to your suggestions. You've built those great feelings of comfort and likeing in them as well as trust and curiosity. That's what marketing is about, right?

Think about it. Can you remember the last time you were very curious? Like when you really want to know something. And the more you read the more you become involved with the text and the more it pulls you in the more you want to read on and on. And come back for anything this author has to say. That's the feeling you want to trigger in your readers. Now, with that in mind as you continue to read, notice how much more opened to suggestions you are. That's good as you are going to learn something important right now...

What most newbies don't understand

The simple truth is that most top internet earners actually work very hard to have what they do. Or at least at the beginning they had to work very hard. Some a bit less, some a bit more, but they did a lot of work. But what took them five hours then, takes them twenty minutes now. It took quite a long time for me to figure that out. Don't do the same yourself.

What does that have to do with building content for my web site? A lot. You see, what I'm going to tell you just now is very good for the beginning and getting a great search engine ranking, but you will have to write your own content now and again for the visitors to come back.

Creating content with what others have wrote

You must never steal. If you cyte someone, include them in the references. That's only fair and will keep you out of trouble. But there are many sites providing great articles to include in your site. They are usually written by people who want to get te word of their web site out. The down side is that you have to include the »about the author« box where the authors usually embed a link to their website. You can loose some readers that way, but it's still quite a good way to create content. You can also use software to create hundreds of such sites in a few minutes. Those are really great as you just write a template (also included), select a few options and click »generate«. In a few minutes you have hundreds of content and keyword rich websites waiting to be uploaded. If you include a link to your site in the original template, every of those sites now points to your site. That will boost your Yahoo! ranking a lot. Most probably your site will get a top ten ranking in a few days – here you have to consider keyword popularity and using the blog and ping technique to get listed quickly (will talk about this in the next post). A few sites you can get free articles from:

Article emporium
Article city
Go articles

Also a great software for creating very keyword targeted web sites is traffic equalizer. Using it in conjunction with previously discussed software you can not loose. You will get a fast return on investment, but for beginning this software will do fine. Remember to put adsense to your template website (very easy to do) and let the software do the rest :)
Your aim should be to keep people comming back to your web site (with fresh content) and to help them spread the good word for you (will discuss in a later post).

Hire a ghostwriter

A good, but a more expensive way is to hire a ghostwriter that writes stuff for you. That is a great way to maintain your subscription based web sites. They will also do the research and provide your site with great, very quality content!

Remember, nothing beats your own writing.
Untill next time, have a great day.
P.S. In the next post I'll explain the blog and ping technique in detail. don't miss it if you want it to realy work.


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