Friday, October 07, 2005

Doing the search engines optimization (SEO)

By Blaz Banic

Once your site is created, be sure to verify that you have done the following:

  • Keyword research (what keywords could your customers, readers... use to find you? is a great tool you can use for free. Or the Overture keyword selector tool is good too. See what keywords are searched for the most. TIP: use a general keyword first. You will then get a list of all relevant keywords. Choose one or two that you think will suit your business best).
  • On page optimization (your selected keywords in TITLE tags, H1 tags, H2 tags, make them BOLD near the beginning of your text. Also put your keyword as the last word on your site. The keyword density should be about 2%). More on this in later posts.
  • Off page optimization (get links back to your website: directories, blogs, forums, mail other relevant and non relevant web sites to include your site. They will most probably link to you if you link to them first! Have a links site ready, write press releases...)
  • Continue updating your content (this is very important as the search engines will rank you higher if you have fresh content on your sites)

How to get listed in the search engines in a few days

Well, you might have heard of the blog and ping technique. It is very effective. But here, I'll show you what I also do to get listed very soon.

Go to Google search bar below and write "[keyword] blog" in the search field. [keyword] is your selected keyword. When you get a list, click on the first one and see if you can write a comment. If you can, write a relevant comment for that blog, include your keywords and at the end write something like: "If you want to know more, please visit".

Also in the name field write your desired keyword in the URL (or Your web site) field write the URL to your site.

Repeat this at least five more times on the next five blogs. It shouldn't take you more than half an hour. Those blogs are spidered very frequently as they have new info coming all the time. So your site will be visited by the spiders too and get indexed.

Getting other sites to link to you


The fastest way is with adding your site to directories. Just type "free directory" in Google search bar above. Add your site to as many as you can. Also have a brief (50 - 200 characters) description ready. Write it in the Notepad software you got with your windows. Also write your correct URL, your links page URL and your e-mail. This will speed up the process as most directories ask you for that information. You can just copy and paste it.

The next step should be this: Go to the Google search fieln in this blog and write your preferred keyword in the search field. Then copy the URL of the first ranking web site and paste it to the search bar. Then add "link:" in front of it (no spaces) and hit search. You will get a list of all the web sites linking to that page. Then go to each of them and find contact e-mails. Write them an e-mail and ask them to link to you. In exchange offer to link back to them. This works and is a great way to get quality back links.

Forums are also a great way to get the word out and to get some back links. Simply write "[keyword]" forum in the search field above and sign up for as many forums as you have time for. Add your URL in the signature and start posting.

That's it for now. I will provide some more information in the next post.


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