Sunday, October 30, 2005

Exactly how to turn random visitors into readers/customers?

This should be pretty obvious. The correct answer that's worked for me and many other marketers is a simple three part formula:
  • targeted (=interested) audience
  • interesting, captivating headline
  • great content (web copy)

1. Targeted audience

Many people tend to think that just slapping a web site online and buying some untargeted traffic will somehow get them rich. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I was just starting out, I had a similar mindset. I put up a web site and joined several surf for credits/cash sites. I thought that by putting Adsense on that page would bring me great profits. That page had well over 1000 page loads a month, but clickthrough was so bad, I had to think of something else. I made an average of $1.00 A MONTH. A disaster.

And even after optimizing the website for the best clickthrough and writing a great headline, it was still very bad. $3.00 a month at best. You see, I didn't use the first rule: creating targeted traffic for my web site. It took me a long time to figure out exactly how to do it. I talked about it in several of my posts here and will write the best methods in my free ebook that is soon to come.

Although a lot of untargeted visitors could make you some money, the key to success is in targeted visitors. Promote your web site to people that could actually care about what you have to say. Focus on them. Don't waste your time and money on untargeted traffic.

WARNING: most, and by most I mean almost all, "cheap traffic sites" will bring you a bunch of uninterested visitors that in most cases won't even see your web site as they usually bring traffic to you via popups that get blocked 90% of the time. It's a waste of $10 or even $5 for 1000 of such useless "hits".

So, how to get quality, targeted traffic then?

Reading this blog is one good idea. You'll learn how to optimize your web site/blog for search engines, where to put your ads (free and paid), the pro's and cone's of several marketing techniques etc. It's very hard to get solid and working free information nowadays. Ofcourse! Would you freely share what works for you. Didn't think so. Well, I've decided to do it as the internet is still very big and there's enough room for many more of us ;) plus and added bonus is, it's also the third step of the formula I'm talking about right now. While I am not allowed to share all the secrets (and also don't want to as I'm paying for the best and freshest information), I will tell you a few things that I thought of, influenced by the great ideas I got there.

If you want your site to be swarmed by targeted visitors by the millions (and that's NOT an exaggeration) for free or almost free, I would suggest you subscribe to the #1 best print newsletter on freshest, best traffic building techniques online. The monthly newsletter is called Trafficology. Read the site after you finish this post.

Don't worry. If your budget is a bit tight right now, you'll also get a lot of quality information to get you started really well here.

2. Interesting, captivating headline

This is also a very important key. Did you know that almos 75% of decisions to buy a product online are made by reading the headline? It's true. And also almost all the visitors will read on only if the headline somehow captures their attention. Cool graphics will also help, but to get people to really read your site, you need a killer headline. Really think it through. The best marketers spend hours if not days writing a headline. And they do it BEFORE they even write a single paragraph of their web copy!

For examples of the best headlines that work every time, follow this link.

3. Great content (web copy)

I said it before and I'll say it many times again. Content is what makes or brakes the web site. Not only will it get people to read everything you write, it will also tell the search engines your sites are worthy of indexing and placing very high. For that you'll also have to do some optimization. The info on that is also here on this blog. Just search the previous posts a bit.

To start creating superior articles or sales letters, I suggest you read the following web sites:

Advanced Hypnotic Writing

How To Write Hypnotic Articles

Killer Copy Tactics

These are all resources of finest quality and will deliver what they claim. However if you're into Adsense advertising and don't want to spend much time on writing your own articles, you can also read the my post on content creation.

Well, these are the three most important steps you need do right if you want to turn your visitors into customers.

Have a great day.


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