Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The greatest marketing secrets of the ages

*NOTE: This ebook is no longer available*

Hi guys.

Today's post will be a bit different. I'll give you a free gift. It's a great e-book that I'll later tell the subscribers to my newsletter more about. It's a great read with tons of great information - good content/product is key in marketing, remember? :)

Anyway, the book is titled:

"The greatest marketing secrets of the ages"

by a great and very successful internet marketer Yanik Silver.

Why am I giving you this e-book?
Because, like I said, it contains great content that I think you'll enjoy very much and it's a great example of something that I will discuss to some degree on my blog and for the most part in my newsletter (you are subscribed, right? If not, do it - just look for the "newsletter" section on the left of this web site).

How do you get this $195 worth of information for free?
Simple. Just tell three friends, who you think would be interested in this web site, about us. Use the link below:

Click here to tell three friends about this web site and get a $195 bonus e-book in return. It will take you less than a minute to do that and you'll get a priceless lession in return. Just make sure that the friends would be at least a bit interested and that the e-mails are correct.

Please, don't spam and know that neither you nore any of your friends will ever be spammed by me. I promise and guarantee that.

Have a nice read.

Blaz Banic

P.S. Tomorrow we'll go through the blog and ping technique.


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