Friday, October 28, 2005

Marketing tip

An on line marketing tip for today...

Hello, as we've discussed before in "the four p's of marketing", marketing isn't by far only advertising and getting people aqainted with the product. If you are into affiliate marketing, your job is to "presell" the product you're promoting. Your commisions will be a lot more in numbers than if you simply put up an ad and hope for people to see it. Most people tend to put marketing and advertising into the same basket. Don't do that mistake.

What most affiliate marketers don't know is that the first and main thing they should focus on is to build a relationship with their prospects. People have to trust you to buy stuff through your links! That's right. Some will still buy, but the best affiliates make very good names for themselves before they start mass promoting products.

Some ideas on how to "get points" from your prospects:
  • always have your prospect's interest in mind first. What do they want, not what do you want! I always try to put my image in the "he's great" part of the reader's mind. As it happens and it locks itself into that place, they trust me and I never abuse it
  • give before you attempt to sell (by that I mean quality information, gifts in the form of free ebooks, software you came across and found useful...)
  • NEVER sell crapy products (even if they sell like hot cakes) as you will most likely loose trust with the people that purchased a product and felt cheated. It has hapaned so many times that I was a member of a newsletter I loved to read and I trusted the person writing it and then he put a link to a "fine product in the newsletter". Great, I thought and bought it immediately. Unfortunately, it was really very bad and I bet he never even bought and tryed it for himself. Too bad as I stopped reading the newsletter and never bought through his links again. Don't do the same mistake yourself. Before promoting, make sure the product is of real quality. You don't have to buy it yourself (although I recommend doing it), but do some research. Go to related forums and read the posts that will most probably be there. Read the reviews etc.
  • Don't lie to your subscribers, readers etc. By always telling the truth, people will know that when you promote something, it's really worth it
  • Make it possible for people to subscribe to your newsletter. Always do that as you can build a better relationship that way. I is well known that email marketing to your private list is much more powerful than almost anything else.
  • internet marketing isn't much different from off-line marketing. In fact, they go hand in hand together. Never forget your off-line prospects!

This marketing tip is not only useful to affiliate marketers, but to all marketers - webmastrs too. Yes, a web copy is a part of marketing too. How your clients perceive you and your product is an essential part of marketing. Webmasters should focus their entire attention to their web site. Let the affiliates do the preselling and promotion.

'Till tomorrow then :)


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