Thursday, October 20, 2005

Marketing with the blog and ping technique


today I'm gonna talk about the blog and ping technique. By the way, this method is great if you want to get listed into the search engines very fast. But if you want top rankings, you have to do some other things. Click here for an exellent tool all the gurus use to get top search engines rankings. Go see it now while it's still fresh in your mind. Don't worry, this page will wait for you. Click here now.
OK, now to the blog&ping...

What is pinging?
Pinging is simply a way of telling a certain program that the content on your site is updated and it should crawl it and update the RSS or other feeds in it's network. In our case we'll be pinging Yahoo! to come crawl our site for new info. As the spider comes, it automatically goes through all the content and links and also crawls other pages that your page is linking to. This is key for the success of this technique.

How does it work?
After you've created your good content web site (see two posts back), you'll probably want all of the pages to get indexed ASAP. This is how:
First you have to create a blog. Doing it with (link will open in a new window) makes this even better as Blogger is owned by Google - another search engine you want to attract. Go there, scroll down a bit and click on "create your blog now". Fill in the form and click continue.
Now name your blog. Do it with a similar name as your web site. Make sure that it includes your preferred keyword.
Chose a template. I strongly recommend you chose the minima (first one). I've tested others and it works the best for all browsers. Some browsers change certain blog's (including the one you're reading) look by puting the side bar at the bottom of the page. Plus it looks great (see an example:

Choose "continue". Now you've created your blog. Click "start posting". Before you post, click on settings:

Write in a Title, description (Use your keywords - only one of each) and choose "Yes" for "Show Email Post Links?". Click "save settings".

Now go to "publishing" (still under settings) and choose "Yes" for Notify Now "save settings"

Go to "formatting" (still under settings) and choose "Yes" for "show link field" and save settings.

Now leave it be for a moment and set up a my Yahoo! account. Go to: and choose "sign up now".

Enter your information, register and sign in. Now go to the browser with your blogger account and click on "site feed". Copy the entire url of your site's feed.

Now go back to my yahoo browser and choose "Add content".

Now choose "Add RSS by URL":

Now paste the link you copied previously into the field and click add. After that your site should look something like his:

Click on Add To My Yahoo! and you're done. Now start posting on your blogger account. For every post, include a link to a new page of your web site (in the title of the post). Use your preferred keyword in the text.

After you posted, simply open a new browser window and write this in the address field:

Remember to change "yourblog" with the name of your blog!


Blogger Newsman said...

I got a little lost in your instructions - my fauly, not yours - I'm a newbie at this.

I have a blog at

I have a Yahoo account.

When I "added content" Yahoo could not find my RSS Url. Yahoo said:
- If you got here by clicking on an "Add to My" button, please notify the referring site's webmaster.
- If you entered the URL yourself, please check that the URL is correct and points to a valid RSS file.

Your final instructions on the posting procedure is a little confusing.

Can you give a little more info? The beginning of your instructions were very easy. It was the technical stuff that threw me a bit.

6:25 AM  
Anonymous Blaz Banic said...

Hi Newsman,

I think you probably didn't enter the RSS feed (or in this case the atom feed) URL in there. For your site it should be...

If you did this, it is sometimes possible that blogger didn't construct your feed correctly. It has happened to me a few times before when I tried to submit my feed to some blog directories.

By the way, it's been a long time since I wrote this post and some things have changed. I believe that some people said on forums that they were unable to ping Yahoo! Not sure if this still holds. Also I'm not sure if the technique still works as well as it used to. Back then I got my sites in Yahoo! in a few days. It was really amazing :-)

I now use to ping all of the directories listed there. I also submitted my feed to several blog directories (where they accept feeds). You should also do that as you can get some traffic from there. Simply search Google for "blog directory".

Have a great day!

9:30 AM  

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