Saturday, October 22, 2005

One more traffic idea I just thought of


I was just reviewing my stats and saw someone visited this blog through a MSN search. And above all, my post showed on the second page of 502,264! It looks like that they realy like fresh content after all (one of the previous posts). It instantly hit me (see how good it is to track your marketing efforts :) ).

You see, after every post, I ping yahoo! and get my post to their index (exact strategy revealed in one of the previous posts). MSN is also snooping around and pickes up new posts as Yahoo! indexes them. Interesting.

Why not do an overture keyword search on my topic (marketing) and choose a keyword phrase that doesn't get searched on the most (let's say a couple of 1000 searches a month). Then write a long post on that topic and see if people will start pouring in. Make it keyword rich and you will probably rank high!

I will try it and keep you posted on it. Meanwhile it costs you nothing to do it yourself...

Have a great day.

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