Monday, October 24, 2005

The Rich Jerk ebook review


First of all I'd like to say, I'm very excited to be introducing you to this ... OK, now to The Rich Jerk review.

The book in question is a very famous, and a very new e-book called The Rich Jerk

After reading soooo many books on making money online and marketing it almost hurts; and being thaught almost nothing at all, I was at first very sceptical of this very heavily promoted new e-book (August 2005). But after getting a recommendation from several top internet marketers and also people I know and trust and have bought from before and have never failed me, I've decided to give it a try. "One lats time", I said, "if it's that buzz worthy that almost evey marketer is talking about it, then it at least deserves my attention".

So I went to the web site.

It was a very unique and good looking website with a real Rich Jerk picture looking at you. So I reviewed it. It had a Trust-e seal and the webmaster could be contacted. That was a good thing.

Rich Jerk review

The guy was very obnoxious, but in a funny way which I found refreshing. I started reading the copy and found a couple of interesting elements in it. "The Rich Jerk knows his stuff", I thought and continued reading. I just hoped he would reveal some of his secrets in his book - unlike sooo many others I've read.

Finally I came to the end and saw the price. I was a bit sceptical as most of the ebooks I've read that cost only that much ($49.00) were really not worth the disk space they took on my computer (and it was never more than a few kilobytes). So I went thoruhg the site again, looking at what might convince me of buying. Don't get me wrong, the web copy is exellent, only I've bought too many of such books based on their web copy and was almost always sorry I did.

In those books I always found the following:

  • Very outdated information
  • Stuff that just didn't work
  • Nothing was "exactly" as they did it, but rather a "blueprint" - general, useless information I could find on any forum for free
  • Stuff that I wouldn't dream of actually doing, plus it took way too much time and effort for not so many results
  • A lot of fluff, fillers, millions of links trying to convince me to buy other stuff from them etc.

So as I was going through the copy again, one bullet made me a bit curious. It said:

"I'm not going to waste your time with general marketing info that you can find anywhere. EVERYTHING you need to succeed like me is included in my ebook. Nothing more, nothing less."

"Well, wanna bet?", I said and went to the Order now button. Rich Jerk, here I come...

Purchase went smoothly, as always with ClickBank, and I came to the download page: "So you do have brain after all", it said. Funny, but we'll see. I instantly downloaded the ebook and opened it with my Adobe Acrobat reader. A nice picture stared me in my face and I started reading. Congratulations... millions... make money online... Table of contents. Great, let's see what he talks about. Hmm, I lifted my eyebrow and got that funny feeling in my stomach. I got a bit of a rush. It looked promissing. It even includes suplemental info for beginners.

So I went to chapter one and wanted to skim through it. But I was stopped dead in my tracks on the second page. WOW, real information. Great. So I read and read and read. There are actual examples you can copy and you're done. Even some useful scripts you can use. Nice, Rich Jerk, my review could even look good.

The other chapters were just as good and I devoured the whole book in one reading. What a strain on my eyes. I printed it and went to bed. The next day I took the printed material and started re-reading it. Good information at last, I thought, and immediately twigged one of my web sites. "Didn't know THAT was important. Thanx ;)"

Conclusion to The Rich Jerk review: In my opinion this ebook is a great value for it's money. It really could sell for $195 and would still be worth it (I heard that the price will soon go back up, so I recommend you go for it quickly). The information inside is fresh, exact and acurate. There are very few fillers (if at all - I'm very strict on this one :) ) and even though the book is "only" 47 pages long, it contains information that many other 125 pages ebooks don't even think of mentioning. I think that by investing in this ebook and implementing what it teaches, you will start making a lot of money online.

One last thing: I don't agree with one of the techniques as it's not quite "legit" if you will, but it's very efective and he warns you about it, so it's not that dammaging to the book.

Here's the link again: The Rich Jerk

I wish you a pleasent reading,

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Blaz Banic

P.S. You can use the techniques presented in the rich jerk ebook immediately.