Monday, November 14, 2005

Copywriting course

Hello, future copywriter!

What an interesting topic I've got for you today. With this quick copywriting course you will be able to at least triple your subscriptions, sales etc. That is, if you are a beginner and you haven't got a clue about copywriting. However, this copywriting course should also help somewhat more experienced webmasters.

What is copywriting?
Copywriting is the art of writing sales and marketing related materials. Copywriting is used in every major area of business such as Sales Letters, Business plans, advertising etc.

Who is this copywriting course for?
It is for all the beginners and even the more advanced webmasters who want to improve their web copy.

OK, having said that, let us begin the course.

- One.
The first thing you should consider is what do you want from your prospects. Is it to buy something from your site, is it to subscribe, is it to tell a friend about this web site you are working on etc.

- Two.
The second and most important thing you have to consider is what kind of customers is your site targeted for and exactly what will they gain if they take your desired action. This is so very important that I ask you to stop reading now and literally take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down as many benefits your customers will have from taking your desired action. DO IT NOW.

OK, back? Did you do it? Great, let's go on then.

- Three.
So, now you have what you need to start your copy. The single most important thing when writing a copy is the headline. The headline will make or break the sales letter. Over 75% of people decide wether they will buy a product or not after only reading the headline. In fact, very few will even bother to read the rest of the sales letter if they aren't captivated and intrigued by the headline. It is the most important step in copywriting. Most of the best copywriters take days to write and polish their headlines.

Do not write another word of your sales copy if you don't have your headline written. Go through some of the next pages and read the headlines, then come back. You will get the feeling of what works:

- Fire sale profits (and exellent example)

- Trafficology (another great example)

- Advertising headlines that make you rich (self explanatory ; ))

Notice that some headlines use "". This actully increases the sales, because it seams the text won't be so technical and hard to read. It's a psychological trigger and it is well worth using it.

Some pointers:

  • Be specific. It's better to write "Discover how to earn $1890,56 in only five days from now!" than "Discover how to earn a lot of money in less than a week!"
  • Think of a benefit and put it in: "You are about to learn secret strategies that will automatically improve your sales by 314%" is better than "You are about to learn secret marketing strategies"
  • Don't write features, write benefits. Think like this "My product is better, because people get this out of it..."
  • Use words like magic, automatically, easily, powerful, secret, discover, revealed, new, never before seen...

OK, now that you have a feel for what a successful headline looks like - write it.

- Four
Now it's time to write your copy. Be sure to write as much benefits as you can imagine.

  • Start with a date and your name, then write "Dear [as close to your prospects as possible],". Example: "Dear fellow marketer" or "Dear would be copywriter" etc.
  • Then simply start writing. Maybe, after an introduction, write a short storry on how your product changed your or your friend's life...
  • Think of all the reasons why your prospects wouldn't buy and dispel those reasons.
  • Put some real testimonials in.
  • Frequently ask them to buy - put links to the order page every page (in a word document) or so. Something like this: "I'm ready to order now" or "Thanx, let me join" etc.
  • Write small paragraphs (4-5 lines at most).
  • Set the width of the area where text is going to be to 650-700 pixels
  • Never use more than 3 colours
  • Main copy should be written black on white
  • Never use flashy backgrounds
  • Offer a guarantee
  • Offer some great bonuses
  • Use some graphic, but not too many. It usually suffices to make a header graphic and some "seals". It's also good to use graphic for bullets (like arrows etc.)
  • End with a signature and add a P.S. Which says something like "Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose. You can unsubscribe at any time [this is for subscriptions]. Plus, you get to keep the [bonuses] FREE of charge! I'm literally taking all the risk on my shoulders, because I am 100% confident that you will be thrilled with [benefits] after you [try/use/purchase/...][my product]"

That's it from this copywriting crash course. If you follow this advice, you should at least triple your subscriptions, sales etc.


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