Tuesday, November 08, 2005

An exellent freebie for YOU - Read on!

Hi, today I'm going to GIVE YOU something extremely powerful just for being a reader of this blog. You are about to get FREE access to about 5 hours of free advice and information from a top affiliate marketing expert - James Martell.

James Martell’s Affiliate Buzz Newsletter, produced biweekly (that’s twice a month) is an excellent example of consistent content aimed at helping affiliate marketers get all the tips, tricks and strategies they need to help their affiliate business grow strong and healthy.
Affiliate Buzz is a 30 minute audio newsletter designed to allow you to keep working or take notes while you listen to James discuss the industry with fellow associate Charles Johnston. Each issue of Affiliate Buzz is recorded in a laid-back style meant to entertain as well as inform.

The show itself is broken down into three parts, with sections dealing with motivation, information, and inspiration. Each section runs about ten minutes long each (30 minutes total) and is tailored to keep affiliate marketers focused and inspired while they work on their marketing strategies.

These shows can either stream through your internet audio (much like an internet radio system) or you are free to download and save these newsletters so you can go over them in detail and listen to them at your leisure.


James Martell has put together a package of what he believes are the 10 best shows of 2004 and made them available to you for a FREE evaluation. That means you can sit down and listen to about 5 hours of free advice and information from a top affiliate marketing expert.

How much would you pay for the kind of strategies, information, and insight into business management, revenue streams, and other important aspects of your affiliate marketing business? How much would you pay to be successful? Well, forget about it, because Marketing secrets is offering you a chance to improve your business simply by filling out a simple form below. By submitting the form, you will subscribe to my special Marketing Secrets ezine and you will get a link to your free audio newsletter through email. You will never be spammed, I promise.


In any business environment, it’s important to get a leg up on the competition. Simply checking out the Affiliate Buzz newsletter 10 best shows of 2004 will give you that leg up.


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