Monday, November 07, 2005

Internet marketing

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Today I'm going to talk about a few diferent aspects of internet marketing. I've written about it in the past, but here I'm going to focus on exactly how to market your product over the internet.

Internet marketing is not that diferent from "normal" marketing. In fact - the same rules apply to internet marketing as do to marketing your product elswhere.

So, after you've got your product (a good one, remember?), it's time to sell it online. If it's a downloadable product (information product such as an ebook, or software etc.), I strongly recommend you check out Click Bank as this is probably the best marketing solution online. They will provide you with the easiest secure paiment form I've ever seen. The best part is - it's actually an affiliate program. That means that it makes it easy for your partners to sell the product for you (no work advertising - a HUGE plus). You simply set what commission you are willing to pay for each product sold. I recommend you set it to about 70%. It seams you are loosing money while actually you are becomming interesting to superaffiliates. Those are the people that can get you 10-100 sales a day!!! Imagine if you get only $15 a sale. That's $1500 a day. Not bad for no work, huh?

In this case, you must get internet hosting, have a sales and a thank you page ready. That's all although that's really the hard part. Read some of the previous posts to see how that's done.

Of course it's not the only internet marketing solution. You can also advertise on your own. Here's where it becomes interesting to affiliate marketers. The fastest way, and I mean the fastest is to set up an affiliate web site and do the pay per click advertising. There are many very high traffic sites that have the "advertise here" option. You can get a couple of 1000 real targeted visits for as low as $50. I think you see how this can work well. Be sure to capture email addresses.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one thing you have to do in order to get search engine traffic. This is said to be the best internet marketing solution. Well, the only problem is that you have to find a niche where not everybody is already doing it. Don't try to do search engine optimization for a key word such as "search engine optimization" - there's too much competition out there. A better sollution is to make at least 20 pages, each optimized for a not so searched term wih little competition. That's where you can strike a gold mine. If you have 20 highly optimized pages for 20 keywords that are searched 500 times a month, you will show on the first page in the search engines and that's a potential of 10.000 highly targeted visitors a month. Why am I telling you this? I must be nuts ;))

For more on SEO, see previous posts.

But presentation is what really matters. Make your web sites as good looking as possible. Consider the following few sites:

SEO elite software - a must have

Search engine cloaker - just to see the presentation. Using such software is not recommended by this site.

How to write your ebook in 7 days - this one was done by one of the best copywriters ever. A must see site.

Now that you've got a feel how it's done, do it yourself. For more examples, go here and simply check out the first 20 sites in each category. These are all examples of the sales letters - major part of internet marketing!


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