Thursday, November 03, 2005

Making money online is all about marketing


do you ever wonder why some people almost always make money online and the others (maybe even you) struggle and get very little or none?

Well, the answer is simple. The ones that do make it have realized the most important concept online: MARKETING. Everything online resolves around marketing. More precisely - it's all in the presentation. That's right. You have to think with the mind of your prospects while you're building your web sites, informaton products, well any product you want to market.

Again, I would like you to read the four p's of marketing and beyond post and think about what marketing really is. Most people confuse marketing with advertising. Advertising is a part of the marketing process, but the whole concept of marketing is very broad.

What you should be doing
  • Make your sites pleasing to the eye (no flashy colours, nice graphic - but not too much of it, rarely use more than three colours etc.)
  • When writing content, think of what exactly you would like to know if you were the reader of those sites
  • Make yourself look like an authority on the subject (and also try to really be - investigate the subject you're writing about...)
  • Be unbiased
  • Please your targeted public, but also write about a bit more general stuff (also concerning your subject)
  • Get known: participate in forums, blogs, discussion boards etc.
  • Actually practice what you learn here or in e-books, courses, other sites... Many people just learn what's right, but never actually DO IT.

There are tons of ideas on how to make money online, but almost none will get you rich without any work (in the beginning!). I say almost because there's always something out there, but chances are very slim that the investments will be really small.

Remember, the key to internet success is marketing.

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