Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Huge Internet Marketing Insider Secret

Dear friend and subscriber,

today I'll share with you a huge Internet Marketing Insider Secret. After all, my blog is dedicated to internet marketing secrets :) Read on...

In this post you'll learn why and how some marketers succeed and others don't. I've gone through this in my "15 things to marketing success" post and now I'm gonna elaborate on that a bit.

What's the first thing everyone trying to make money online should know?

Well, it's that no matter what ANYONE tells you, you will have to put some effort in your online business if you really want to retire someday with making millions a year. Even if you only want to make $100 a month consistently -- YOU HAVE TO DO SOME WORK FIRST. But don't worry, it could be as little as 2 hours a week...

In fact I work about an hour to an hour and a half every other day and make a pretty good income. The best thing is... it's constantly growing. I'm nowhere near $1.000.000 a year, but am gradually getting there and I have this internet marketing secret to thank...

What secret could this "insider" know to kick YOUR marketing to the sky?

Thought you'd never ask.

Well, I've been in this business for three years now and have probably fallen into every possible trap there is. In fact, as I posted an article on this topic, I got some very good replies and one guy actually said he was committing 5 out of 6 classic newbie mistakes I mentioned.

Now, as I said before, I'm seeing a rapid growth of my online marketing business and want to share with you the secret...

It's a few secrets actually, so here I go...

Internet marketing insider secret revealed...

Internet marketing is actually much like conventional marketing (read the four p's of marketing post), but with a twist. In order to start really make money online, you must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Learn how to sell! It's easy. Get some books on the topic. They're so cheap you'll kick yourself for not investing in them sooner. Trust me, I was guilty of that. At least buy this one: Psychology of persuasion by Kevin Hogan. Also read all of The Gary Halbert Letter newsletters. An excellent resource on making money online is also The Rich Jerk ebook. Don't buy anything else for now. Focus on the next bullet here...
  • Have an idea of what you want to do. Do some research on what can be done if you don't have one (affiliate marketing, content pages with ads, online shop, your own product to sell, subscription web site, ezine, forum, become a reseller etc.).
  • Do the research on your topic -- keywords, what people want (not need!!) etc.
  • Stick to that idea and see you go through with your plan (which by the way you MUST make). If it's a web site -- create it or have it created for you. Just do it entirely.
  • Advertise. Now here comes another big insider internet marketing secret: use all means of advertising and make sure you TRACK every source of traffic individually -- so you know exactly where people are coming from and how each source converts. When you know which are the best, work on them more and live the rest. UPDATE: I just came accross a web site that I think you just HAVE to see. You are about to learn underground targeted traffic generating techniques --> <-- Visit the web site now!
  • Make sure you capture names and e-mail addresses from your customers and readers -- create a relationship with your people. You need to earn trust with them.
  • When you succeed -- multiply whatever you're doing. This is another huge secret. Don't think that ANY of the super internet marketers are only doing ONE THING. Nobody is constantly making millions with just one thing. Learn how to make $100 a month and then multiply it 10 times to make $1000 or 100 times to make $10000 a month. The beauty is that with every new project you'll probably be making more faster.

This all can seem as a lot of work.... and it is at the beginning. But then again, what thing isn't hard at the beginning? As you'll progress, you'll find that all the things become easier and that you'll soon develop your own Internet Marketing Insider Secret that you can share with the rest... or not :)

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Have a great day and hope you succeed beyond your wildest dreams.


Blaz Banic


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