Thursday, April 20, 2006

The biggest mistake in Internet marketing

Dear friend,

what do you think is a single most important mistake people make when they try to go into Internet marketing?

The biggest mistake is that they don't brand themselves!

Let me quickly explain...

In order for people to buy things from you, you have to build trust for you inside their minds. This can be done by branding yourself.

OK, how do you brand yourself, then?

Simple, what you have to do is associate yourself with quality and do it a few times. You could also do it only once if it is really something big. Also, you have to get your name and image in front of people as much as you can. You can achieve this by doing the following things (this holds true in the Internet marketing business):

  • Write high quality articles on your topic and submit them to article directories
  • Write press releases to promote your site -- on that site you can have a high-quality incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter. From there on you can build relationship and brand yourself
  • Have your own official blog where you regularly do high-quality postings
  • Create quality viral reports (.pdf, MP3, even video...)
  • Ask a fellow Internet marketers to interview you and be sure to give a lot of value in the interview. Mention your site and have "a surprise bonus" for the listeners ready
  • Post on forums, in chat rooms and be informative. Always keep people wanting more -- so find a balance between giving quality information and not revealing too much
  • Other ways...

You see, you have to get people comfortable with you to start buying from you. You must prove yourself to them. It makes sense. People are over-marketed today and are very sceptical. But this can also be an advantage...

If you successfully brand yourself and get the trust of many people, they will much more likely buy from you than from anyone else -- and they will do that repeatedly!

So, do all the steps above and more and you are soon to become a master Internet marketer.

Have a great day!


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