Sunday, April 09, 2006

Internet marketing

Why Internet marketing? What's so different from normal marketing?

Well, there are many similarities, but there are some major differences. For example, in Internet marketing you have to take a different approach at communicating with people. It's more on the personal level. People go online for information. So in order to be able to sell them the site must at first appear as if it contains real information. With reading the sales copy they are slowly lured into really wanting the information on the web site... so much so that at the end they are willing to pull out their wallet and pay instantly.

In the Internet marketing world there's also another very important element -- email marketing. It is almost imperative to capture leads (people's names and email addresses). That way a marketer can easily reach his contacts and bond with them so that they become much more inclined to buy what he's selling.

On the Internet people are in an even greater hurry than in the real world and marketing has to be adjusted to that. People also multitask like crazy online. So if a web site owner wants people's attention, he or she must use certain techniques that are crucial in Internet marketing and not so in off-line marketing.

Most of this points were discussed some time ago in the four p's of marketing post.

So now you can see that internet marketing is a science in itself and it takes some time to get good at it. But let me tell you: it pays off and it pays off good. Once a person gets the basics down and gets what internet marketing is all about he or she can literally build virtual empires and become rich beyond his or her dreams.

For the end, let me in on a secret... most of the internet marketing is in the "appearances"! The way you look and position yourself in the minds of your prospects determines whether you'll be a huge success or a failure. Think about it and do your best to have your web sites look as professional as possible.

Have a great day, write you soon.


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