Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Marketers! Did you see what Joe Vitale did?


I don't know what he's up to...but I want in on it! Did you see the e-mail that Dr. Joe Vitale sent yesterday? He's up to something and I have a feeling that it will be so shocking that it will be talked about for a long time to come.

Heck, this promotion may even change the way that everyone markets on the internet!(something called a S.S.L. about a H.S.S.S.E???) I pasted the e-mail below for you to read just in case you missed it. What do you think he's up to? Whatever it is - everyone is watching Joe's every move because word on the street is that the new promotion he's about to launch will make every other marketing product, book, or course out there look like child's play.

See below...

- Blaz Banic

-- Original Email --

Hi Everyone,

The last promotion I did created such a splash on the internet that my website (see below), was one of the most viewed websites on the internet. I was in shock! During the last week of March, the website sat on the top 10 list of Alexa's 'Movers and Shakers'! Countless e-mails poured in - asking me "how did you do it?".

By far, it was the biggest response that I have ever seen from one little promotion. Why did the website create such a splash? It was because of Hypnotic Marketing. I used one of the secret techniques I teach in my Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course. I know that many of you would love to learn this and the thousands of other ideas I provide you in my course... but you can't. In fact, no one can right now.

I took the Hypnotic Selling Secrets course off of the market to prepare for the most shocking launch that I've ever done. In fact, I took the course off of the market several months ago to gear up for this...

In just a few more days, you can be one of the very few to get access to the new Limited Edition Hypnotic Selling Secrets course. But you must act quickly. Right now you can register to get onto my Priority Notification list.


Only those that register on the list will be given the actual date this month that I will launch. Since it is truly a Limited Edition, I'm sure everything will sell out in just a few hours. To get all of the inside info, and make sure you get in on this too, just go to:


Go for it.

Dr. Joe Vitale

PS. Even if you already own the original version of Hypnotic Selling Secrets, you will not want to miss the hidden marketing lessons that I'll be giving everyone on the priority notification list.

Go to: http://www.hypnoticsellingsecrets.com/g.o/wayup

PS...Once these Limited Edition sets of Hypnotic Selling Secrets are gone, they are gone FOREVER. You'll see what I mean why this could never be duplicated again at: http://www.hypnoticsellingsecrets.com/g.o/wayup


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