Saturday, May 13, 2006

Is Internet marketing dead?

Internet marketing has become one of the most sought out things online. It's no wonder, when there's been so much hype and so much said about it. But the question is: "Is Internet marketing still alive in 2006?"

Let me answer this question after I tell you a very short, but insanely interesting and powerful story...

There once, not very long ago, was a guy (we'll call him Jay), just starting to make his way on the internet. He was pulled in by investigating some other field of interest. After he bought a course on what he was looking for, the author mentioned something called "Internet marketing". He said he was obsessed with it and has just recently then cracked the code by reading an ebook from one other guy to whose web site he included a link in his ebook.

when Jay opened the web site he was astonished. He started reading... "Who else wants to... internet marketing... anyone can do it". He was very intrigued by the headline and started reading the first paragraph... "Dear friend, if you ever wanted to be your own boss and wanted to make a lot more than just a "normal income", then this is probably the most important letter you've ever read..."

Jay couldn't believe it. This letter was talking directly to him. How did the author know exactly what he wanted. And what could be so important that this letter could offer? So he read on. Paragraph after paragraph he was on a verge of the discovery of a lifetime. And finally the reading led him to a sub-headline "So how much is all this worth to you?". "Great", said Jay to himself "this is something that's probably sold for $1000s. Maybe some day I'll afford it...".

He scrolled down and there was the price: $97. "Yeah, that's what I.... WHAT!?!... $97?!"... his heart started to pump very hard and fast... "Special offer. I can afford this. It's still a bit high for an ebook, but hmmmmm, I thought it would be thousands of dollars..."

Jay was very excited and scrolled back up to the bullets where all the benefits of this ebook were stated... exactly how to make money online... special tricks of Internet marketing... easily make $2375,64 a month without any work...

He spent a whole half an hour on twenty bullets or so. He then scrolled back to the order button and really wanted to push it. He thought I really have to think about. He bookmarked the page and closed the browser. But then something strange happened...

Up popped a new window saying "Congratulations! You just won a special discount! Only every fifth customer gets this opportunity and if you miss it, it will NEVER show again... In the next 10 minutes you can get your hands on this ebook for only $67! You save $30, but only if you act now!"

Jay jumped and hysterically clicked the order button. He was taken to another web site where it said... Save even more and also get these extra secrets for only $27 more! He just clicked the "yes, give me everything!" button and started to enter his credit card number in the special form. After purchase he was taken to a special "Thank you page" where he was congratulated on the purchase and where he could download the ebook and all the bonuses.

He has "fallen victim" to a classical yet extremely effective Internet marketing tactic. And from the ebook he learned even more of them. Needless to say the author had his own selection of other "must have" Internet marketing products. And Jay bought them all, one by one.

Today, Internet marketing techniques have even improved and those "in the know" are creating millions upon millions of dollars with them. And by far not only in the "Internet marketing" niche. There are virtually endless opportunities and Internet marketers are taking full charge at them.

Facts: More and more people have access to the internet every day. More and more are able to purchase things online and more and more are looking to get information or other things online.

So to answer the question from the beginning... If something is dead, it most certainly isn't Internet marketing.


Blogger ahmed said...

A very interesting article you go there, its true in internet marketing if you can talk in a way that can persuade people to pull out there wallets and buy like yur victim Jay in this case then net marketing is for you. Again a very interesting article
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8:34 PM  
Anonymous Sean said...

Excellent article! I think a lot of talk about the death of marketing on the net is actually people talking about a specific aspect (such as FFA pages or Safelists) and then mistaking it for the entire sphere of Internet Marketing.

As time goes on different techniques will die of but there will replacements and there will always be online Marketing for as long as there is an Interent!

6:41 AM  
Blogger Warren Contreras said...

What you describe is certainly a common occurance, but it does not circumscribe the sum total of Internet Marketing or those who do it.

There are many of us who offer real solid information without milking your credit card and having no expectation of any return.

I learned years ago from my Grandmother that you can draw more flies with honey than vinegar, and that holds true for Internet Marketing too.

I practice Give First and you won't need to Ask to Receive. It's another form of Attraction Marketing and works just as well in the long run.

6:48 PM  
Anonymous Blaz Banic said...

Hi Warren,

I completely agree with you. I'm such a marketer myself.

The article wasn't meant as an attack on Internet marketing. Although it was actually meant to be somewhat provokative, it's main goal was to get people thinking a bit and not loose hope.

It describes a "technique" that is still used a lot and works (maybe better in the non Internet marketing niches) and if used with dignity it can bring a lot to the marketer as well as the customers -- and that's the way it should be.

The reality is though, that instead of creating better products, people only raise the price to get a better response (oddly enough this works well!).

Almost all of those people don't think in terms of branding and long-term relationships but rather in terms of instant gratification and taking that "huge" check in the bank. They don't realize that if they actually were to use "Attraction Marketing" they could make many times more with half the effort in the long run.

Great point! Thank you for posting.

Have a great day!

P.S. Thanks also to Ahmed and Sean for their comments.

10:12 AM  

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