Friday, August 18, 2006

How to succeed in Internet marketing

I was thinking of something useful to write on the subject of Internet marketing and all of the sudden, when I least suspected, a story came into my mind. An interesting true story that brought me huge profits online and what I realized then still gives me the "push" I need when creating new projects. I suggest you read it carefully and then immediately start to implement this simple secret that will bring you awesome success -- if only you implement it!

When still beginning with Internet marketing, I was very ambitious and incredibly "pumped" to do whatever it takes to succeed online. I had an image of myself as a very successful Internet marketer and everything that comes with it. I'd read every ebook I could get my hands on, every interview, I subscribed to many Internet marketing related newsletters, one of which cost me $97 a month. I was very eager and willing to "take over the Internet"...

But then Mont's past by, I was learning something new every week, I implemented much of it, but still no success. Not even a single affiliate sale, not a single dollar from advertisements on my sites. Nothing... not even a comment on my blog! My main means of advertising back then were forums and a safe-list I purchased -- where I could email 10.000.000 people every day. I won't even go there...

Soon my motivation fell almost to the minimum. Every now and again I'd purchase the "next best thing", some "great ebook" that was going to show me how to succeed in Internet marketing. I got a little bit hyped up and went to work for a while, but with no results, I'd soon give up and wait for another ebook.

Then one day, I got a new message from one of the marketers I was affiliated with (now I'm a bit embarrassed to say who it was) that he's made an audio postcard (something very new back then) and that I should immediately send it to my list. It was basically an advertisement for his product and all I had to do was embed my ClickBank affiliate link where it said "Click here to start making money online". I said: "What the heck" and I did it. I sent an email to the safe-list and titled the subject: "Hi, there's an audio postcard waiting for you inside... :-)". In the body I wrote just a few lines, something like:

Hi, I've arranged for a special audio postcard for you! Go listen to it now and pay special attention to the third paragraph --- it'll blow your mind!

You can get the postcard here:
>> my link was here

I wrote this and blasted it to other safe-list subscribers. I really didn't think this would work, but I was really hoping it would. The next day I checked my ClickBank account and was blown away -- I made my first sale! There it was, $53. For the first time one of those tiny little coloured lines became bigger! I was ecstatic. I was empowered. I immediately got all of my hopes back. It works, Internet marketing works!

This thought me a crucial lesson -- Persistence is key! If I disregarded the message and didn't blast that mail once more (I've been doing it without success for at least two months on daily basis), I would never have gotten the $53! The other thing I learned was: I have to implement what I want to do immediately! Had I left it "for tomorrow", I'd probably never have gotten to it, besides, the person that bought it might not have looked at the email the next day.

But there was another problem... I must have blasted that same email every day for the next 14 days, but nothing. Not one single sale again. I have written a couple of articles on my blog and hoped for some search engine traffic. After a week of waiting and blasting emails, something interesting happened. I viewed statistics for my blog and noticed all of a sudden I had about 15 visitors a day. And they even started to click on my ads. Again, another breakthrough. My training worked. MSN was sending visitors to my article. For the first time in months I got visitors from search engines... and that wasn't all... in a week or so, Yahoo! started to send me visitors and after a while even Google!

This brought new hopes and I started to write new articles. Then, after those got visitors it motivated me to create even more. I started to see sales! Some other places I advertised worked pretty well, too. I was in business!

Again... PERSISTENCE and IMPLEMENTATION brought results. But this wasn't a real problem with me and I know for certain that it isn't the main problem for the vast majority of people going into Internet marketing. There's another piece of a puzzle that is even more crucial, because without it nothing happens!

And this is what I'll talk about in the next post, so see you soon!


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