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Internet marketing without procrastination

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After listening to countless interviews and after almost three years of marketing online, I came to the conclusion that the single most important rate-determining step in success is procrastination.

It's not the lack of knowledge, as there are so many great resources out there. It's the unwillingness to implement that knowledge. The problem is that everybody is looking for the "Holy grail". Just a simple twist and we're set... 1.000.000 visitors a month are on their way.

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The funny thing is that there are resources out there that tell you exactly how to get to this level and they are obtainable too (from $97!). The problem: you have to create a product or you have to find JV partners or you have to use some of your imagination or... (whatever the "daunting task" is).

In Internet marketing, like in everything else you want to be good at, you have to invest your time AND your money into it. At the beginning it's usually more time and as you start earning, you invest more money. Unless one or more of the gurus are your close friends or family, you will have to put some time (or money) in creating and marketing your "product" (here meant very in general!). It's just the way it is.

If you can get a guru to send your affiliate link to his list once a month, you can make a living online without any work whatsoever. Bit if you can't, well then you have to get to the level when you can send a link to your own list.

Sure there are "opportunities" out there where you can make a lot with little or no work. But those are very short-term things and usually they are illegal anyway.

I know guys that have a brilliant idea almost every day. And when I say: "Implement it!", they find 1000 reasons why they can't -- ranging from "It'll take too much time" or "But I need the money now" or "It requires too much of an investment" to "I don't have time to do so much work right now...". You name it, they said it!

I even offered a friend to do all the research for him (as this is usually what people hat the most) and he still found an excuse: "Well, I'd love too do this, but what if it doesn't work out as well as it seems right now?". PLEASE!

What I'm saying isn't that you have to work hard or harder, I'm just saying that when you get quality information, act on it. The Rich Jerk ebook was a perfect example. $47 for an ebook with so much quality information is nothing. But people that bought it in 90% of times never even read it. 7% read it but didn't act (me included! Yes, I admit...) and only 3% or even less read it and implemented the tactics... and I bet these people are doing quite fine today as after almost a year I tried one technique and it really worked like a charm!

So, you have many great resources out there that lack of knowledge isn't an excuse. Some are expensive, but the others really aren't (you can go to and get an Internet marketing book for under $30!!!), so money isn't an excuse (at least not a legitimate one). Everybody can take a few hours off their busy week to implement the techniques they learned, so lack of time also isn't an excuse. For the first 6 months, I've been working on my Internet marketing in libraries and bookstores where they provided free Internet access to students, so "not having a computer" also isn't an excuse.

You see, all of the above things are excuses. Procrastination is the only thing standing between you and your success. Almost all of the TOP Internet marketing gurus were employed and started with IM part time. Some of quite successful ones are still employed. And even those who are into Internet marketing full time work many hours every day to stay on top of things and to have their sites where they want them.

I hope that after reading this article and listening to the recording, you'll find motivation to implement your ideas and some day soon become so successful that we'll be buying ebooks and other products from you!

Thanks for reading, come back often for more tips, tricks and techniques of Internet marketing.


Anonymous cam c said...

I listened to his Blaz's inspirational audio, and it really is a quick and simple way to get rid of procrastination. It is a few step method that has already proven to have worked for me. I had a terrible problem with procrastination and when I started listening to this I am able to do what I know I should do right away, and with less anxiety. Blaz is certainly an inspiration, and can undoubtedly help anyone to achieve thier goals.

-Cam C

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Blaz Banic said...

Thanks a lot Cam C,

it means a lot. I'm glad I did this as I found that people really procrastinate too much only to see what they COULD have achieved when it's too late.

I know, I've been there!

The right step is to forget about the bad things in past... well, not completely forget them, but only to take them as feedback and proceed on to success.

Take action and you'll be successful in Internet marketing.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Zoheb said...


It really helped me too. Thanks..

8:16 PM  
Anonymous humbledave said...

Solid Tips and good technique.

4:26 AM  

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