Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Internet marketing answers

Hello again!

The winner of the last week's contest will be announced at the end of this post...

Unfortunately I didn't have any time to do a proper promotion for this contest, but non the less, 136 people read it and strangely enough, only two decided to participate. I must admit I expected at least 20 answers as it really took only 10 minutes and the reward was $50.

Nah well, another lesson learned... never do anything in a hurry and make everything stupid-simple. I guess I complicated too much with the reward being through ClickBank and with such a long introduction. Not to mention that the title wasn't really something eye-catching.

I suggest you write these things down as they are very important for success. If something seems right and "a great idea" in your head, it doesn't mean it will WORK in the real world.

Now that I have the results and that I put more thought into it, I would have done the following:
  • A great eye-catching and motivational title. Maybe "Who else wants to WIN easy $50 directly to their ClickBank account for answering just a few simple questions? Read on to learn how you can do it in 10 minutes from now..."
  • Clear and very short instructions that should answer the questions: WHY? WHAT? WHO? WHEN? EXACTLY HOW?
  • Maybe some more hype
  • Call to immediate action
  • Promotion: mainly Internet marketing forums (sig files), pushing the entire week
  • Adding a viral twist to it (e.g. "I am constantly tracking my site stats and have the information about which site people come from. The one that refers the most visitors gets another $197 bonus PLUS a PERMANENT PR4 link back to your site -- I will visit your site and contact you from there by email, so be sure to expect an email from "Blaz Banic" on Tuesday, Oct. 10. 2006!...)
Maybe some more things, but that would have been (and will be soon) a great contest :-)

Now to the $50 prize winner...

This has been a truly hard decision. The ONLY TWO ANSWERS (both ironically by Mikes :-) ) that I got were both very good, so I decided to reward both participants. The winner will get $50 and the second one will get a lesser commission.

As soon as I post this, I'll go to ClickBank marketplace and purchase a product through the winner's ClickBank link that he provided. I'll purchase through the second link some time this month.

So, the winner is (although the decision was very tough) the following response...

Mike said...

1.) What is in your opinion the single most important thing that's keeping you from succeeding on the Internet?

Time. I have 2 young kids and I'm still at my full-time job for now. Finding serious time to devote to my online business is always a challenge. Many people don't realize that this is more than a hobby. It's a business and you need to spend time building it.

2.) If you could only be revealed one single real "Holy-grail-type" secret regarding Internet marketing, what would your question be?The 'secret formula' I'd like to learn is how to make a great profit and then replicate that success automatically again and again with little effort...to be able to put it all on autopilot so I can have time for other things.

3.) What was the thing that got you to buy the last ebook you purchased online recently (e.g. "the buzz", "proof", "testimonials from respected people", "curiosity"...). If you never bought an ebook, you can write why you haven't bought any yet...

The last ebook I purchased was Jeremy Palmer's "High Performance Affiliate Marketing." Two things convinced me to purchase it. 1. It came recommended by another marketer whose opinion I value highly. 2. The 'proof' he offered in the form of actual awards won by networks such as Commission Junction, including a link to the award with his name on it on CJ's site. It proved he was for real.

4.) What do you expect (and demand?) to learn from a good Internet marketing type ebook?

I expect an interesting read (not a boring and lifeless textbook) that teaches me something I didn't already know. One or two good tips can be enough to justify the price.

5.) What gets you to recommend a site to your list/readers (= to put the link on your web site or even write a short passage or an article about it)?It has to be something that would benefit my readers and something that is relevant to my niche. If it offers good information or saves time, there's a good chance I'll recommend it. Of course, being able to earn a commission on it never hurts. :)

Clickbank ID - mcollins18

Mike Collins, check your ClickBank account, you should have a sale there in a short while. The purchaser will be Blaz Banic :-) CONGRATULATIONS!

This is it from me for now...

Oh, one more thing for everybody:

If you haven't seen it yet (not very likely), you absolutely must take a look and purchase the Affiliate Project X ebook. The ideas in there are genius and I can personally attest that they work!

Use my link and I'll surprize you with a special bonus (after you purchase, put the email: hypnodoc(at)gmail.com in your "Contacts" list so I'll be reliably able to contact you. As you know, I don't SPAM and you won't be added to any lists. This will be for this one time purpose only)...

--> STEP ONE -- follow the below link
>> http://blazbanic.name/recommends/Projectx

--> STEP TWO -- Add my email (hypnodoc(at)gmail.com) to your "contacts" list and wait a few days... That's it :-)

Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous Mike said...

Thanks Blaz!

True to your word, I've already received my commission. Looking forward to your ebook when its ready.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Hamish said...

Project X is good. I am useless at affiliate marketing but I used one of the methods and made my first sales within 24 hours.

Best Regards,


Affiliate Project X ......

4:30 AM  

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