Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The WRONG way to do Internet marketing

Long ago, when Internet marketing first started out, people begun to implement some of the offline marketing techniques and applied them to the newly forming online marketplace.

At first, they faced many problems as not so many people were using the Internet and many were very sceptical at that time.

Let's face it, it was something new and webmasters had no reference, no manuals, nothing to compare their business to. They were on their own...

But they got right into it. They created their web sites and started testing things that over time developed into a highly specific form of marketing called: Internet or online marketing.

And, pretty soon they were getting massive success. Many people picked up on that, some of the best wrote courses and in a few years a giant mass of people suddenly came online to start a successful business -- or so they thought...

As it turns out, many people from the non-economical fields joined the "gold rush". New web sites came by the millions out of nowhere and each one was using same tricks (read that word again!) to gain search engine rankings, get people from forums visiting their web sites, developing pyramid schemes and pretty soon everything those first Internet marketers were working for so hard to learn has become utterly useless.

What's more, thousands of people started to "spy"on the most successful people in the Internet marketing community and exactly mimicking what they were doing. This all wouldn't be so bad if some of those guys wouldn't have created ebooks telling the world exactly how to "get to the riches quickly".

Again, the techniques failed to work within a year and it was "back to the drawing board". This pattern seems to repeat itself every year and as a result a few guys make millions and others go home with their hopes down again.

Well, guess what?

Sadly, many people still don't get what it's all about. Instead of running their activities online as a business, they're jumping from opportunity to opportunity, from one "great technique" to another. They get the fundamental thing wrong...

And that is... It's very hard to start an Internet business without any budget and time. I intentionally didn't use the word impossible because there's always some way of achieving that, but 99.999% of time this doesn't happen.

What's worse is that there are many (not all!) people out there intentionally spreading the wrong information to keep their businesses safe and to earn some extra cash while they do it. Good for them, but we didn't come online to make THEM cash, right? We came to earn it ourselves...

My point here is: the wrong way of doing Internet marketing will be very costly and will bring little to no results...

On the other hand, the right way of doing Internet marketing will take some time, study and money at first, but in the long run it will begin to sustain itself and become a fully automated way of earning money.

Now I don't know about you, but I'd take the second way myself (and I did).

My advice to you is this: treat what you do online as a business. Plan, aim for long-term success and make it as automatic as possible. If you can't afford to outsource some of these skills: copywriting, product creation, traffic generation, advertising and so on, learn them yourself.

Some, such as graphics and web site design, I suggest you spend some bucks on to get it well.

And what I also discovered was that the most successful Internet marketers are able to "think out of the box". I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but I urge you to think about it...
Nothing is prohibited (well, there are some things, like SPAM), but don't get all tied up in the current matrices imposed to you by others.

Think, create, test, refine and you'll soon be a true wizard in Internet marketing.


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