Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Internet marketing -- Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

In the previous posts we discussed planning your Internet marketing campaign. In the last post, Internet marketing plan III, we generally looked at some ways to drive traffic to your sites through paid advertising.

Here, we'll discuss Pay per click advertising more in detail.

As with all things connected to Internet marketing (I'll say this again and again), pay per click advertising should also be subject to extensive testing.

Just in case you don't know exactly what pay per click advertising is, simply put, it's a way of advertising, where you pay a certain amount of money only if a visitor clicks on the ad presented on some site and comes to your site. Some other forms of advertising are also PPM (pay per thousand views of the ad) -- here you pay for every thousand visitors to the site with your ad on it. It's not necessary that they click on the ad and visit your site. Another form is PPA (pay per action). Here you only pay for each visitor that performs a certain action on your site (for example, joins your newsletter, buys a product etc.).

With PPC, some sites will charge you a fixed amount of money per click (Yahoo!, MSN, ...) and some sites offer a bit different bidding scheme (Google). In both cases this means that generally if you bid more than your competitor, your ad will rank higher and have a higher chance of being seen and clicked on.

The main difference between, for example Yahoo! and Google is that Google implements a special technology where in case of click, you pay only a penny more than the below ad's maximum bid. So, if you bid $0.20 and someone bid $0.15, when your ad is clicked, Yahoo! will charge you $0.20 whereas Google will charge you only $0.16. Furthermore, Google also rewards RELEVANCE of the ad which is what I'll explain below.

Here we'll focus on the most popular pay per click advertising provider... Google. It's PPC program is called Google Adwords and most beginner (also many advanced) Internet marketers are using it as a main "instant" traffic source. After you've read this, you'll have a much better understanding of PPC so your campaigns will work better than 99% of all people beginning to use this method of advertising. I'll also recommend some resources so you'll be ahead of even more advanced users, so pay attention...

OK... the first thing you have to know when using pay per click for your Internet marketing campaign are the keywords. Through testing you'll learn which keywords produce the best results and which don't work at all. Nobody can tell you for sure, you'll have to test!

Thankfully, Google provides us with some awesome free tools to very easily do just that. I suggest you take a minute and sign up for Google Adwords as well as google analytics. Explore the sites for a while and get a feel of what they offer. I'll continue writing about PPC in my next post.

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Come back soon as I'll have some very interesting things for you!

Take care and enjoy your Internet marketing!


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