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Internet marketing -- Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) part 2

As I mentioned in the previous post, the first thing you need for pay per click advertising are your keywords. There are many ways of getting them and in your Adwords account, you'll find a keyword suggestion tool you can use for your initial set of keywords.

After you have those, you'll have to optimize both keywords and ads to get the cheapest possible clicks as well as the best position compared to your competition.

As I said before, tracking and testing are necessary components of any Internet marketing endeavour. After a while, you'll get an insight of what keywords work, what ads work, and what ads and keywords don't work as well or even at all. I won't get very technical as you probably know much of this and I'll rather concentrate on how to make your ads work and how to get them to the best position for the smallest price...

As I also mentioned in the previous post, Google also ranks and charges for ads depending on RELEVANCY. It calculates relevancy by the context of the ad, by how many clicks it receives and by how many people quickly press the "back" button in their browser! For example, if you bid on the term "Internet marketing" and your ad talks about cats, Google will know it isn't relevant. Furthermore, your ad will receive less licks because people searching for Internet marketing advice aren't interested in cats at that moment. And last but not least, those people that will click on your ad will have a high probability of very quickly pressing the "back" button in their browser to return to the page with relevant ads. All of these three things can and will hurt your campaigns as well as your wallet.

But... here's a simple solution:

Adwords allows you to create multiple ads for the same keyword as well as group several keywords for certain ads. This makes it easy to make your ads as contextual as possible. Besides that, if you create different ads for the same keyword, Adwords will rotate those ads and will measure which ad is doing the best job. After a while, it will serve the best ads most of the time.

So, in short, here's how you can make a good Adwords ad (I'll make all the examples up and I'll base them on the term "Internet marketing")...

Make the title as appealing as possible. It must draw attention. Some use shocking statements such as "Internet marketing scam". Some use precise amounts of money they made... "I made $1395,62 today". Some involve promises: "You'll never work again" and so on. If you can include your keyword in here, good. But rather focus on attention grabbing.

Then there's your first line. This is the first thing the viewer will read after the title of your ad! It's important that it keeps their attention and gets them to read the third line and click on the ad. Here you should state what benefit your client will have by using your product or service. You have 35 characters to do this (including spaces). Try fitting your keyword in this line if you didn't use it in your title. You can also do this in your last line. For example: "Focus on growing your business and" or: "Even a child could do this" -- you can use little tricks like putting "and" at the end of line 1 to get the reader to also read line 2...

In the last line you can continue with the benefits or add some features. Some people also add the dollar value of their product or service to avoid freebie seekers. You can use power words like "underground", "new", "proven"... For example: "let our proven system work for you".

The last line is for your displayed URL address.

So my ad could look something like this:

Internet marketing trick
Even a child could make a fortune.
Let our proven system work for you

Next time we'll go over some more details and go on with other techniques. Hope this helps with your PPC Internet marketing.


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