Thursday, September 04, 2008

Internet marketing with search engines and PPC

Hi, I don't have a lot of time today but I just quickly wanted to add something to the previous post on Pay per click advertising. It will also help your way of thinking about Internet marketing in general and especially search engine optimization (SEO) which we'll look more in detail in later posts.

Whenever you have anything to do with search engines or any other web site you should think about what THEY are providing their customers and set up your web sites or ads accordingly...

So, what does Google want? As a search engine, it wants to serve the most relevant and useful results to the user because if they don't, people will stop using it and Google could go out of business... That's not going to happen, though, because they employ many people that work on algorithms and other ways to improve searching experience for the web surfer.

So, the key in succeeding in search engine marketing is to provide a site that delivers relevant, fresh and useful information. Tricks work, but they only work short term.

The same goes for pay per click advertising. Do you think google wants to display irrelevant results just to make a quick buck and risk loosing millions of users over a very short amount of time? Nope. Can they absolutely control everything at every second? Nope.

So what CAN they do?

Well, they can reward good advertisers and punish bad advertisers. So in the long term only good advertisers will prosper! And they do this by many ways, one of them being: how much an ad costs (based on relevancy obtained by click-through rate, keywords and surfer's reactions -- back button).

One way of succeeding with SEO and PPC is to also imagine being the owner of let's say Google and think of "What would I encourage my customers (in this case webmasters) to do to make Google an even better experience for everyone?"

You certainly wouldn't encourage them to create useless blogs stuffed with keywords and affiliate links, would you?

If you get and implement this small piece of advice, you can't loose in the long term and that's what really counts in Internet marketing!


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