Thursday, October 27, 2005

Search engine marketing

Search engines... hmmm, what a subject. I put some pointers about that in a couple of my previous posts (read that for bascs).

Here I'm going to talk about the two ways of doing the search engine marketing:

  1. Pay per click advertising (PPC)
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Many people when they can choose betwen PPC and SEO will automatically go for the later. But to be honest, SEO isn't what it used to be and can demand quite some investment of time and money. Of course there are ways, but like I said, it can be very expensive. For any beginning business i would suggest PPC advertising - at least until the buzz starts going around and it produces constant stream of quality traffic. In time, if the business is good, a top placement will come naturally through incoming links (more on that later). Some great tactics for PPC advertising are:

  • bid on 1000's of keywords, but there's a twist. Make those keywords mistyped. What I mean is: instead of bidding on the term "search engine marketing", bid on every variety of that keyword: "sreach engine marketing", "search engin marketign" etc. That way, not many others (if any) will bid on those terms - making your payments per click very very low. On Google the smallest bid until very recently was $0.05 and now I've read somewhere that they changed that to as little as $0.01. Imagine first class, targeted visitors for as low as $0.01 a visitor. Now there's a bargain. By bidding on 1000's such keywords you should get enought traffic as typos happen a lot. There are quite some great software tools that are going to make your job easy as one, two, three. I found keywords finder to be very useful and it's very cheap too ($49.00). It's a worthy investment as you will be getting 1000's of targeted visitors for mere 10's of dollars. It's the fastest, coolest and cheapest way to generate targeted traffic.
  • Never get sucked into the bidding war! It will cost you too much and it's not worth it. Rather use the advice from the post above.
  • A great eBook on the topic is the famous Google cash eBook ($49.95). You'll learn masses of great tricks to become a PPC millionaire. Read the web site, it's worth it.

I've heard many internet millionaires that PPC is indeed the best sollution to quickly start generating targeted visitors and call it the best way in search engine marketing. Even the now internet most famous Rich Jerk has his unique (as usual) twist on PPC advertising. A revolutional idea, really. Read the ebook review here: Rich Jerk ebook review. He'll even give you some very useful (and NEW!) SEO tips and a lot more.

OK, now for the SEO (search engines optimization) tactics

As you probably know, the most important thing in SEO are the incomming links. In reality that depends on the search engine. Google will put the most "weight" on incomming links, comming from different domains. This is what you HAVE to do in order to get a high position. This is also called "the off page optimization". For the onopage and off page optimization read the previous posts.

Yahoo! however puts a lot more weight to the onpage optimization and the links comming from your own domain! That's good as you have a lot more control over that. you just have to do it in a smart way. Make at least 20 or so pages optimised for your keywords (use the overture keyword search tool). Than let all of those pages link to your desired page. Most times only 20 pages won't do and you will have to make 100's. Well, fortunately there is a sollution: traffic equalizer. It will generate 100's of keyword Yahoo!, MSN, and other search engine optimized pages for you in seconds. You just upload them and do the "blog and ping technique" we discussed in one of the previous posts.

Great ways to get inbound links to your blog or web site is by psting links on other people's blogs and on forums. Do it in a way that's not offensive. I've learned to do it in such a way that usually the administrators thank me for posting on their blogs/forums. That's because the info I post is usually very useful and they don't mind me putting a "plug" in for my blogs/web sites.

I will discuss more SEO techniques in greater detail in my new free ebook: "How to make money with your blogs". I'll tell you little known secrets I use to get targeted, organic search engine traffic to my blogs and web sites. I've never seen anyone discuss it elswhere. The book will be ready within a month, so keep comming back here to see when it's launched.

Till tomorrow then. Have a great day.


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