Friday, August 18, 2006

How to succeed in Internet marketing, part 2

Hi, hope you read the first part on how to succeed in Internet marketing. If you haven't, please do it now and return here after you've read it: Success in Internet marketing, part 1

In the last article we left off at the point where I was going to explain what the most important ingredient (or equal to all other ingredients) in Internet marketing is and exactly how to have it in an abundant supply so you'll never be short of it ever again!

This is actually not limited to Internet marketing. It's a virtue of all extremely successful people in the world, so read very carefully!

One of the most important ingredients for success in Internet marketing is MOTIVATION. No amount of knowledge and tools will get you anywhere if you don't have the motivation to use it all and implement it immediately. Now, motivation can be brought about for many reasons, but if there are no results it more often than not diminishes and people start to procrastinate and begin to prolong the distance to their goals.

The problem with Internet marketing and almost everything else is that it's highly unusual for somebody to succeed over night. In fact, we all go through many different levels of knowledge and experience in any given field and often times the first levels can be very frustrating.

For instance, for anyone going into Internet marketing the motivation is money. Everybody wants to make money so that they __________________ (fill in the blank). The problem arises when such a person is really trying and struggling and gets no result (= no money coming in). It can soon become very frustrating and many get very discouraged and quit.

We know from the previous article that persistence and quick implementation are the path to success fast (relatively speaking!). But where to get the motivation? Without motivation we'll not implement anything. Here's an example of what I mean:

When I first heard of article marketing and this was, thanks to Trafficology, about 6 months before anyone in the main stream was using this method of marketing their web site, I was extremely pumped, but I thought I couldn't write and that nobody would read what I had to say. So I waited... and waited... and all of the sudden, after about 6 months, out came promotions for "blasting your articles to 100's of article directories", getting you great exposure and 100's of links back to your site. I saw videos from people getting to the first place in Google for their main keywords that were extremely competitive!

I was shocked! WOW, this really works! I wrote an article and manually submitted it to a few directories. I was getting visitors! A lot of them. Just from the directories. And in a few weeks, I found new links showing back to my blog as some publishers decided to put my article on their web site. I saw results and started to write articles like crazy! I found a submission site that submitted articles for free. It worked. Many visitors and good search engine rankings! But in just a short month -- a new Google update. They said: "Sorry boys and girls, this article thingy became a bit spammy! We've decided to not put so much weight on inbound links from pages with duplicate content".

Blast! It was over almost overnight. It still worked well with MSN and Yahoo! (and still does!), but I was always after Google. I could have had the "first page" position for at least 6 months and that would bring me MASSIVE exposure. But no. I procrastinated. I made excuses and got motivation only when I saw results. But that was a bit too late. Everybody and their cat were "blasting" thousands of articles a day. This almost became a need and not an advantage!

Of course, writing QUALITY articles can still get you a lot of exposure (as ezine owners pick up your article and publish it to their subscribers -- sometimes thousands!). But no, I could never have written SUCH an article, could I?

So, the secret ingredient is motivation... How to have it when it counts? How to have it when you need to implement something immediately and not wait until it's too late? Read on...

How to have motivation when you need it the most...
I realized that I really got motivated when I saw positive results from my work. At the same time I was listening to some recordings on people that are top achievers. They said that one of the virtues of the most successful people was the ability to visualize their goals as if already achieved!
Well, if you put 2 and 2 together -- you have a brilliant way to motivate yourself when you get an idea and something inside says: "Let's not do this now, let's go do something else now, you'll do it tomorrow...".
If you have the ability to already see the positive results of your work manifested, you'll have no problem implementing whatever is necessary to get those results right now!
There's also a little trick that'll even multiply what you've just read...
Make sure that you really vividly visualize your goals (close your eyes, relax and really visualize) and as you do this actually notice all the great feelings this creates in you! Yes, feelings are key -- your subconscious mind always puts what it thinks your best interest is first!
And if you can get yourself to feel really good while visualizing your end results, your subconscious mind will instantly start giving you all the motivation you'll need to have to start your projects right away and finish them as soon as possible.
So, I really suggest you do this when you have an idea but you immediately think "This would be great, but it takes a lot of work..."
In the next post I'll talk about the next step for you to make a lot of money and get really good in Internet marketing!


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