Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The most read posts of Internet marketing secrets


today I've decided to revive some excellent posts from the past that really made quite an impact on my blog and brought many visitors through search engines and through other sources.

They are chronologically ordered from the oldest to the most recent.


Doing search engines optimization - seo
Here I obviously talk about Search engine optimization (SEO). Nice basics that still hold true for MSN and YAHOO!, but less for Google.

Doing search engines optimization - seo, part 2
The second part of the SEO course.

Four p's of marketing and beyond
This article is on the four "P's" of marketing and how they apply to the Internet. It first started bringing a steady flow of visitors from MSN. At that time it was about 10/day. It did well for months. Not bad for only one post and for a relative beginner at that time :-) It has just recently been revived and gets visitors from Google. Worth checking out.

Rich jerk ebook review
This was a beauty. It also got a lot of traffic from MSN and Google. 10-15/day. I think it was one of the first Rich Jerk reviews, or maybe the longest and that's why it was probably "eaten up" by Google. I still get some visitors here from the search engines.

Copywriting course
I posted about this course on a forum and got quite a few visitors here. A nice, very basic course on copywriting. Worth a read to refresh your mind :-)

15 things you absolutely must do to succeed online
An awesome article that got me a great deal of exposure and even a featured article in an Internet marketing magazine. It was also run in several Ezines and got the most views on some forums and article directories.

Importance of search engine keywords
Actually a rewritten PLR article I got with an ebook I purchased (Shhhhhh! :-) ). I rewrote it quite a bit and learned a lot from it actually. A very good article that I used as the basis for another article for a "Make money" forum where it got good review by the admin.

Is Internet marketing dead
A recent, slightly controversial post that got quite a nice response, even from a well known Internet marketer (to see whom, you'll just have to read it :-) )

The last post, Internet marketing without procrastination was the most successful yet. It brought more than 100 unique visitors to it in 3 days. And people still come by some 10 a day just by a few posts on a few forums. It also taught me a crucial lesson -- think of others first and you will be rewarded (not that I didn't practise that before...).

This is it for now.

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Have a great day!


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