Monday, January 19, 2009

Internet marketing with web directories

Another Internet marketing strategy is to pay for inclusion in web directories. Now, there are hundreds of companies that sell you hundreds of inclusions in directories...

Well... in my experience they don't tend to work as well as I hoped, so I found a way to screen for directories I want to invest my money in for inclusion of my sites.

What to look for?

When I do my research for relevant web directories I look for these things -- these are my own criteria and aren't necessarily "the best" or "the only way". I just found them to work well in my Internet marketing:

1.) How high is the directory listed in Google for it's name (also look for the number of competing sites for this term!). For example, first I'd search for a list of high PR directories to save me some time. Just do a Google search for "list of high PR web directories" or similar. You'll usually get some forum posts as results. You might want to play with this search a bit. I then take the list, visit the directories and see how they are named. I go back to Google and enter their name in the search bar.

If I get the result on the first page (I tend to look for directories listed on #1) and if I see a substantial competition for the keyword (100.000 or so), I go to step #2...

2.) Check directory categories PR. Now, most sites that sell you inclusion in hundreds of directories will tell you, for example, they will put your site in PR2-PR7 directories. However, as always, there's a catch and that's why I rather do the research myself and invest my money in worthy directories. Here's how...

I click on the most relevant category for my web site and check PR on that site as well. And most of the time I notice the site isn't ranked in Google. Now, this doesn't mean that google hasn't indexed the site or that it won't notice your link... It's just that such a link won't give much weight to your site. I tend to choose directories that also have high PR categories and subcategories where I'll put my site in.

3.) Check what kind of linking directory uses! Here you just simply move your mouse on one of the links in your category and see what kind of link appears in the status bar of your browser. Make sure that the link leads directly to the web sites! For example, in the case of this web site, I'd want the link pointing to: and not to . The second link won't help your SEO as much as the first one.

There is an exception to this last rule, however. Some extremely high traffic directories use the second type of links but are still worth investing in due to the amount of traffic they are likely to bring your site. Also such links still count for something as your original link is usually also listed.

Having said that, here's a list of some of my favorite paid directories:

Best of the web directory directory
Yahoo! directory

There are many others but if you get in these, you'll be on your way to success with your Internet marketing.

Until next time, have a wonderful time!