Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The most read posts of Internet marketing secrets


today I've decided to revive some excellent posts from the past that really made quite an impact on my blog and brought many visitors through search engines and through other sources.

They are chronologically ordered from the oldest to the most recent.


Doing search engines optimization - seo
Here I obviously talk about Search engine optimization (SEO). Nice basics that still hold true for MSN and YAHOO!, but less for Google.

Doing search engines optimization - seo, part 2
The second part of the SEO course.

Four p's of marketing and beyond
This article is on the four "P's" of marketing and how they apply to the Internet. It first started bringing a steady flow of visitors from MSN. At that time it was about 10/day. It did well for months. Not bad for only one post and for a relative beginner at that time :-) It has just recently been revived and gets visitors from Google. Worth checking out.

Rich jerk ebook review
This was a beauty. It also got a lot of traffic from MSN and Google. 10-15/day. I think it was one of the first Rich Jerk reviews, or maybe the longest and that's why it was probably "eaten up" by Google. I still get some visitors here from the search engines.

Copywriting course
I posted about this course on a forum and got quite a few visitors here. A nice, very basic course on copywriting. Worth a read to refresh your mind :-)

15 things you absolutely must do to succeed online
An awesome article that got me a great deal of exposure and even a featured article in an Internet marketing magazine. It was also run in several Ezines and got the most views on some forums and article directories.

Importance of search engine keywords
Actually a rewritten PLR article I got with an ebook I purchased (Shhhhhh! :-) ). I rewrote it quite a bit and learned a lot from it actually. A very good article that I used as the basis for another article for a "Make money" forum where it got good review by the admin.

Is Internet marketing dead
A recent, slightly controversial post that got quite a nice response, even from a well known Internet marketer (to see whom, you'll just have to read it :-) )

The last post, Internet marketing without procrastination was the most successful yet. It brought more than 100 unique visitors to it in 3 days. And people still come by some 10 a day just by a few posts on a few forums. It also taught me a crucial lesson -- think of others first and you will be rewarded (not that I didn't practise that before...).

This is it for now.

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Have a great day!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Internet marketing without procrastination

Hi, you're in for a special treat! Read on and enjoy...

After listening to countless interviews and after almost three years of marketing online, I came to the conclusion that the single most important rate-determining step in success is procrastination.

It's not the lack of knowledge, as there are so many great resources out there. It's the unwillingness to implement that knowledge. The problem is that everybody is looking for the "Holy grail". Just a simple twist and we're set... 1.000.000 visitors a month are on their way.

Now, before reading on, turn your speakers on and listen to the recording by clicking on the "play" triangle below. It might take some time for the buttons to load...

-- Running time: 6 min 28 sec --

Please wait a bit for the buttons to load. If it takes too long,
read the article first and then come back. It's worth it!

The funny thing is that there are resources out there that tell you exactly how to get to this level and they are obtainable too (from $97!). The problem: you have to create a product or you have to find JV partners or you have to use some of your imagination or... (whatever the "daunting task" is).

In Internet marketing, like in everything else you want to be good at, you have to invest your time AND your money into it. At the beginning it's usually more time and as you start earning, you invest more money. Unless one or more of the gurus are your close friends or family, you will have to put some time (or money) in creating and marketing your "product" (here meant very in general!). It's just the way it is.

If you can get a guru to send your affiliate link to his list once a month, you can make a living online without any work whatsoever. Bit if you can't, well then you have to get to the level when you can send a link to your own list.

Sure there are "opportunities" out there where you can make a lot with little or no work. But those are very short-term things and usually they are illegal anyway.

I know guys that have a brilliant idea almost every day. And when I say: "Implement it!", they find 1000 reasons why they can't -- ranging from "It'll take too much time" or "But I need the money now" or "It requires too much of an investment" to "I don't have time to do so much work right now...". You name it, they said it!

I even offered a friend to do all the research for him (as this is usually what people hat the most) and he still found an excuse: "Well, I'd love too do this, but what if it doesn't work out as well as it seems right now?". PLEASE!

What I'm saying isn't that you have to work hard or harder, I'm just saying that when you get quality information, act on it. The Rich Jerk ebook was a perfect example. $47 for an ebook with so much quality information is nothing. But people that bought it in 90% of times never even read it. 7% read it but didn't act (me included! Yes, I admit...) and only 3% or even less read it and implemented the tactics... and I bet these people are doing quite fine today as after almost a year I tried one technique and it really worked like a charm!

So, you have many great resources out there that lack of knowledge isn't an excuse. Some are expensive, but the others really aren't (you can go to Amazon.com and get an Internet marketing book for under $30!!!), so money isn't an excuse (at least not a legitimate one). Everybody can take a few hours off their busy week to implement the techniques they learned, so lack of time also isn't an excuse. For the first 6 months, I've been working on my Internet marketing in libraries and bookstores where they provided free Internet access to students, so "not having a computer" also isn't an excuse.

You see, all of the above things are excuses. Procrastination is the only thing standing between you and your success. Almost all of the TOP Internet marketing gurus were employed and started with IM part time. Some of quite successful ones are still employed. And even those who are into Internet marketing full time work many hours every day to stay on top of things and to have their sites where they want them.

I hope that after reading this article and listening to the recording, you'll find motivation to implement your ideas and some day soon become so successful that we'll be buying ebooks and other products from you!

Thanks for reading, come back often for more tips, tricks and techniques of Internet marketing.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

How to succeed in Internet marketing, part 3

Now that you got the main idea behind succeeding in Internet marketing, let's go on to describe the FIRST actual step of any marketing campaign...


It's almost mind-boggling how many people just go for the first "opportunity" that seems to get in front of them. Does this sound familiar:
  • 1000's of ready Adsense sites. Just put your Adsense code in and you're on your way
  • master resale rights for 50 Internet marketing products... Fresh, new, get it now!
  • affiliates join my program! Make up to $3583,29 a WEEK! Join NOW!
  • the hottest selling items online, join 1000's in making a fortune online!
  • you get the picture...

The problem with all of these "offers" above isn't always in their idea! You have to do the necessary research to determine whether taking them up will be actually profitable or not.

Let's go now through examples of what can be wrong with the above ofers:

  • Those same sites could have been already purchased by 100's of people. And even if they weren't yet, the publisher might have already used them. This means that the search engines will not put so much weight on your content and could even penalize your sites for duplicate content. This way they will be very hardly profitable
  • Well, how fresh are they really, and how long until all the big names will be purchasing them and sending them as bonuses to their huge lists. It just might be that just when you've set up a sit selling such a product, everybody will have gotten it as a bonus from someone else. Also, how many people already sell those items and how many will in the near future?
  • if his program is really sooooo successful, you should really consider checking for competition. It could be so fierce that you'd have a very slim chance to get in and make a decent profit
  • same as above
  • you get the picture :-)

So now you see that research is a very important part of any campaign you might launch.

Of course the same goes when creating your original work (adsense sites, products...). It just doesn't make sense to make a site and target a single keyword that gets no searches per month. How many visitors will you get by the search engines that way?

So, research is the first thing you should do. But what's important? Let's see...

First you have to consider if there's a market for what you're about to offer. This can simply mean -- are there people interested in buying, reading... whatever I want to do. You can easily determine this by visiting online forums and checking what people ask about on and on, check how popular the keywords in your niche are, you can see if there's anyone else selling what you want (a great indicator that there's a demand, especially if the company has been around), check the magazines what they write about -- they research the market thoroughly before deciding what to write about...

When you see that there's a market for what you want to sell (this term includes ads on your site etc.; E.g. targeted content sites with showing ads), you should do some more research and see how much competition is already in this market. There should always be some (unless you go really deep... discussed later) as that way you'll know for certain that your idea sells.

If there's too much of a competition in that particular market, try going for something more specific. There's no reason you should go for something completely else if you see too much competition. There's certainly something more specific you can sell/write about. Just make sure people are looking for it. You can do a great research on huge online stores/market places. Browse the general categories and go deeper for more specific topics.

Now that you've done the research it's time to devise an Internet marketing plan which we'll discuss in one post after the next as the next one will be a special post that will help you obliterate procrastination and give you motivation on demand. Remember to come back for it as there's a very high chance you've never witnessed something like this!

See you tomorrow and I wish you all the best in your Internet marketing endeavors!

Friday, August 18, 2006

How to succeed in Internet marketing, part 2

Hi, hope you read the first part on how to succeed in Internet marketing. If you haven't, please do it now and return here after you've read it: Success in Internet marketing, part 1

In the last article we left off at the point where I was going to explain what the most important ingredient (or equal to all other ingredients) in Internet marketing is and exactly how to have it in an abundant supply so you'll never be short of it ever again!

This is actually not limited to Internet marketing. It's a virtue of all extremely successful people in the world, so read very carefully!

One of the most important ingredients for success in Internet marketing is MOTIVATION. No amount of knowledge and tools will get you anywhere if you don't have the motivation to use it all and implement it immediately. Now, motivation can be brought about for many reasons, but if there are no results it more often than not diminishes and people start to procrastinate and begin to prolong the distance to their goals.

The problem with Internet marketing and almost everything else is that it's highly unusual for somebody to succeed over night. In fact, we all go through many different levels of knowledge and experience in any given field and often times the first levels can be very frustrating.

For instance, for anyone going into Internet marketing the motivation is money. Everybody wants to make money so that they __________________ (fill in the blank). The problem arises when such a person is really trying and struggling and gets no result (= no money coming in). It can soon become very frustrating and many get very discouraged and quit.

We know from the previous article that persistence and quick implementation are the path to success fast (relatively speaking!). But where to get the motivation? Without motivation we'll not implement anything. Here's an example of what I mean:

When I first heard of article marketing and this was, thanks to Trafficology, about 6 months before anyone in the main stream was using this method of marketing their web site, I was extremely pumped, but I thought I couldn't write and that nobody would read what I had to say. So I waited... and waited... and all of the sudden, after about 6 months, out came promotions for "blasting your articles to 100's of article directories", getting you great exposure and 100's of links back to your site. I saw videos from people getting to the first place in Google for their main keywords that were extremely competitive!

I was shocked! WOW, this really works! I wrote an article and manually submitted it to a few directories. I was getting visitors! A lot of them. Just from the directories. And in a few weeks, I found new links showing back to my blog as some publishers decided to put my article on their web site. I saw results and started to write articles like crazy! I found a submission site that submitted articles for free. It worked. Many visitors and good search engine rankings! But in just a short month -- a new Google update. They said: "Sorry boys and girls, this article thingy became a bit spammy! We've decided to not put so much weight on inbound links from pages with duplicate content".

Blast! It was over almost overnight. It still worked well with MSN and Yahoo! (and still does!), but I was always after Google. I could have had the "first page" position for at least 6 months and that would bring me MASSIVE exposure. But no. I procrastinated. I made excuses and got motivation only when I saw results. But that was a bit too late. Everybody and their cat were "blasting" thousands of articles a day. This almost became a need and not an advantage!

Of course, writing QUALITY articles can still get you a lot of exposure (as ezine owners pick up your article and publish it to their subscribers -- sometimes thousands!). But no, I could never have written SUCH an article, could I?

So, the secret ingredient is motivation... How to have it when it counts? How to have it when you need to implement something immediately and not wait until it's too late? Read on...

How to have motivation when you need it the most...
I realized that I really got motivated when I saw positive results from my work. At the same time I was listening to some recordings on people that are top achievers. They said that one of the virtues of the most successful people was the ability to visualize their goals as if already achieved!
Well, if you put 2 and 2 together -- you have a brilliant way to motivate yourself when you get an idea and something inside says: "Let's not do this now, let's go do something else now, you'll do it tomorrow...".
If you have the ability to already see the positive results of your work manifested, you'll have no problem implementing whatever is necessary to get those results right now!
There's also a little trick that'll even multiply what you've just read...
Make sure that you really vividly visualize your goals (close your eyes, relax and really visualize) and as you do this actually notice all the great feelings this creates in you! Yes, feelings are key -- your subconscious mind always puts what it thinks your best interest is first!
And if you can get yourself to feel really good while visualizing your end results, your subconscious mind will instantly start giving you all the motivation you'll need to have to start your projects right away and finish them as soon as possible.
So, I really suggest you do this when you have an idea but you immediately think "This would be great, but it takes a lot of work..."
In the next post I'll talk about the next step for you to make a lot of money and get really good in Internet marketing!

How to succeed in Internet marketing

I was thinking of something useful to write on the subject of Internet marketing and all of the sudden, when I least suspected, a story came into my mind. An interesting true story that brought me huge profits online and what I realized then still gives me the "push" I need when creating new projects. I suggest you read it carefully and then immediately start to implement this simple secret that will bring you awesome success -- if only you implement it!

When still beginning with Internet marketing, I was very ambitious and incredibly "pumped" to do whatever it takes to succeed online. I had an image of myself as a very successful Internet marketer and everything that comes with it. I'd read every ebook I could get my hands on, every interview, I subscribed to many Internet marketing related newsletters, one of which cost me $97 a month. I was very eager and willing to "take over the Internet"...

But then Mont's past by, I was learning something new every week, I implemented much of it, but still no success. Not even a single affiliate sale, not a single dollar from advertisements on my sites. Nothing... not even a comment on my blog! My main means of advertising back then were forums and a safe-list I purchased -- where I could email 10.000.000 people every day. I won't even go there...

Soon my motivation fell almost to the minimum. Every now and again I'd purchase the "next best thing", some "great ebook" that was going to show me how to succeed in Internet marketing. I got a little bit hyped up and went to work for a while, but with no results, I'd soon give up and wait for another ebook.

Then one day, I got a new message from one of the marketers I was affiliated with (now I'm a bit embarrassed to say who it was) that he's made an audio postcard (something very new back then) and that I should immediately send it to my list. It was basically an advertisement for his product and all I had to do was embed my ClickBank affiliate link where it said "Click here to start making money online". I said: "What the heck" and I did it. I sent an email to the safe-list and titled the subject: "Hi, there's an audio postcard waiting for you inside... :-)". In the body I wrote just a few lines, something like:

Hi, I've arranged for a special audio postcard for you! Go listen to it now and pay special attention to the third paragraph --- it'll blow your mind!

You can get the postcard here:
>> my link was here

I wrote this and blasted it to other safe-list subscribers. I really didn't think this would work, but I was really hoping it would. The next day I checked my ClickBank account and was blown away -- I made my first sale! There it was, $53. For the first time one of those tiny little coloured lines became bigger! I was ecstatic. I was empowered. I immediately got all of my hopes back. It works, Internet marketing works!

This thought me a crucial lesson -- Persistence is key! If I disregarded the message and didn't blast that mail once more (I've been doing it without success for at least two months on daily basis), I would never have gotten the $53! The other thing I learned was: I have to implement what I want to do immediately! Had I left it "for tomorrow", I'd probably never have gotten to it, besides, the person that bought it might not have looked at the email the next day.

But there was another problem... I must have blasted that same email every day for the next 14 days, but nothing. Not one single sale again. I have written a couple of articles on my blog and hoped for some search engine traffic. After a week of waiting and blasting emails, something interesting happened. I viewed statistics for my blog and noticed all of a sudden I had about 15 visitors a day. And they even started to click on my ads. Again, another breakthrough. My training worked. MSN was sending visitors to my article. For the first time in months I got visitors from search engines... and that wasn't all... in a week or so, Yahoo! started to send me visitors and after a while even Google!

This brought new hopes and I started to write new articles. Then, after those got visitors it motivated me to create even more. I started to see sales! Some other places I advertised worked pretty well, too. I was in business!

Again... PERSISTENCE and IMPLEMENTATION brought results. But this wasn't a real problem with me and I know for certain that it isn't the main problem for the vast majority of people going into Internet marketing. There's another piece of a puzzle that is even more crucial, because without it nothing happens!

And this is what I'll talk about in the next post, so see you soon!