Friday, June 04, 2010

Use Of Subliminal Messages In Disney Cartoons

Who doesn't know about Disney?

Everybody knows Disney cartoons but there's a little secret that has been discovered relatively recently...

Disney cartoons contain subliminal messages. Most probable explanation is that it's in an attempt to get people to like them (not very necessary in my opinion).

Some say they weren't put in intentionally and that they are coincidences. Some say that only people that look for them find them and that they are so far fetched it couldn't be true. Others say that bored or angry artists snuck in the messages.

Well, judging from the fact that the messages appear abundantly in many Disney cartoons and that they are sometimes extremely blatant, I think they were put in intentionally and they have a purpose.

Who knows, maybe these messages gave the necessary extra marketing push to make Disney so successful.

You can decide for yourself. Visit the link below to read the full article...

Disney subliminal messages

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