Monday, November 28, 2005

The Most Powerful Internet Marketing Course of The Year

Hi, I just received this email today and wanted you to read it.


The Most Powerful, Star-Studded Internet Marketing Course of The Year:

Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing!
You'll Kick Yourself if You Don't Get This Mega Course!

Dear friend,

If you have ever wondered how everyday people are making it big on the net, or how people who don't have their own product or service are cashing in big time, you need to take a look at this brand new "Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing" MEGA Course!

I'll show you how others are succeeding and how YOU can succeed on the net RIGHT NOW using the exact same principles and techniques I use every day. I'll hold nothing back... I'll show you every step you need to take.

The Net's Best Experts

And I won't be alone! Here are some presenters that will have you sitting up straight in your chair. I called in some favours and twisted some arms and got guest presenters no one else can get! Here are a couple you might have "heard" of:

* Corey Rudl
* Shawn Casey
* Mark Joyner
* Jim Fleck
* Oliver Bigler, and
* Ken McArthur
to name a few!

We are going to take you through the entire marketing process we use to generate literally millions of dollars in sales each year with our massively successful businesses.

There is a lot of information floating around the internet and much of it is years old. Unfortunately, things that would have helped you succeed even 6 months ago are no longer as relevant due to the ever-changing nature of the net.

And MOST information on how to successfully market online is written by amateurs who have never broken the $50,000 per year mark. Yet they profess to teach you how to make six figures with your business!

Fact: You need to keep up on the very latest and best techniques for success on the web or you are just spinning your wheels.

The good news is, I have packed "Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing" with up-to-the-minute tips and tactics that no other internet marketing course has! If you want to pull in profits faster, and learn how to make your business bigger and better than it has ever been, you are in luck.

Here is a tiny sample of what you will learn with "Seize Your Potential and Prosper with Net Marketing":

* Link trading - how to find and contact the perfect partner sites, all of them you can handle, to trade reciprocal links with you. Even if your site gets no traffic now!

* Website Design - The 6 immutable laws of website design, Follow these principles and your site will convert clicks to checks, break these laws and you will fail!

* How to turn your database of members, customers, or subscribers into a gold mine. I gotta tell you, 99+% of even the most successful online marketers are not using this powerful strategy. It's not what you think. It has nothing to do with email... it's X times more powerful.

* How to stay out of trouble and out of jail. Don't run afoul of spam laws. It happens everyday to legitimate marketers who neglect to ask the right questions before they mail to the wrong list!

* Case studies you will read. Real world success stories from everyday people who have submitted to me their step by step details showing exactly what they did, and how they did it, to rake in profits online starting from scratch. You will learn how Jane Mark, Brian Garvin, and many others, starting from scratch, built very successful and profitable businesses.

* See more topics

The above is literally the tip of the iceberg. When you take a look at the sheer size of this course, with all the tools, tactics, tricks and shortcuts the professionals use to rake in literally millions upon millions of dollars per year online, you will know that you are looking at the most complete course you can find anywhere on the net! And finally, at a price anyone can afford.

Don't continue marketing in the dark and taking amateur advice from amateurs. You MUST follow a professional in order to avoid years of mistakes through trial and error. There is an exact, clear system all the professionals use online to make the kind of profits we do year-in and year-out.

Would you prefer to learn by trial & error? Or would you like to take the direct route to a profitable business by looking over my shoulder and learning what I do right now to rake in profits hand-over-fist?

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Check out "Seize Your Potential and Profit with Net Marketing" Today!


Blaz Banic

Sunday, November 20, 2005

A way to very quickly get link partners...

Hi, I just wanted to share this with you. I've found a great way to incease your link popularity. Try using You can sign up for free and use the system absolutely for free. You might want to upgrade to save a lot of time, but if you don't have money to do that, you can do it absolutely free.

I don't even actively participate. I just wait and get at least one link exchange request a day. Try it - it's easy and actually fun :)

Take care.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Copywriting course

Hello, future copywriter!

What an interesting topic I've got for you today. With this quick copywriting course you will be able to at least triple your subscriptions, sales etc. That is, if you are a beginner and you haven't got a clue about copywriting. However, this copywriting course should also help somewhat more experienced webmasters.

What is copywriting?
Copywriting is the art of writing sales and marketing related materials. Copywriting is used in every major area of business such as Sales Letters, Business plans, advertising etc.

Who is this copywriting course for?
It is for all the beginners and even the more advanced webmasters who want to improve their web copy.

OK, having said that, let us begin the course.

- One.
The first thing you should consider is what do you want from your prospects. Is it to buy something from your site, is it to subscribe, is it to tell a friend about this web site you are working on etc.

- Two.
The second and most important thing you have to consider is what kind of customers is your site targeted for and exactly what will they gain if they take your desired action. This is so very important that I ask you to stop reading now and literally take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down as many benefits your customers will have from taking your desired action. DO IT NOW.

OK, back? Did you do it? Great, let's go on then.

- Three.
So, now you have what you need to start your copy. The single most important thing when writing a copy is the headline. The headline will make or break the sales letter. Over 75% of people decide wether they will buy a product or not after only reading the headline. In fact, very few will even bother to read the rest of the sales letter if they aren't captivated and intrigued by the headline. It is the most important step in copywriting. Most of the best copywriters take days to write and polish their headlines.

Do not write another word of your sales copy if you don't have your headline written. Go through some of the next pages and read the headlines, then come back. You will get the feeling of what works:

- Fire sale profits (and exellent example)

- Trafficology (another great example)

- Advertising headlines that make you rich (self explanatory ; ))

Notice that some headlines use "". This actully increases the sales, because it seams the text won't be so technical and hard to read. It's a psychological trigger and it is well worth using it.

Some pointers:

  • Be specific. It's better to write "Discover how to earn $1890,56 in only five days from now!" than "Discover how to earn a lot of money in less than a week!"
  • Think of a benefit and put it in: "You are about to learn secret strategies that will automatically improve your sales by 314%" is better than "You are about to learn secret marketing strategies"
  • Don't write features, write benefits. Think like this "My product is better, because people get this out of it..."
  • Use words like magic, automatically, easily, powerful, secret, discover, revealed, new, never before seen...

OK, now that you have a feel for what a successful headline looks like - write it.

- Four
Now it's time to write your copy. Be sure to write as much benefits as you can imagine.

  • Start with a date and your name, then write "Dear [as close to your prospects as possible],". Example: "Dear fellow marketer" or "Dear would be copywriter" etc.
  • Then simply start writing. Maybe, after an introduction, write a short storry on how your product changed your or your friend's life...
  • Think of all the reasons why your prospects wouldn't buy and dispel those reasons.
  • Put some real testimonials in.
  • Frequently ask them to buy - put links to the order page every page (in a word document) or so. Something like this: "I'm ready to order now" or "Thanx, let me join" etc.
  • Write small paragraphs (4-5 lines at most).
  • Set the width of the area where text is going to be to 650-700 pixels
  • Never use more than 3 colours
  • Main copy should be written black on white
  • Never use flashy backgrounds
  • Offer a guarantee
  • Offer some great bonuses
  • Use some graphic, but not too many. It usually suffices to make a header graphic and some "seals". It's also good to use graphic for bullets (like arrows etc.)
  • End with a signature and add a P.S. Which says something like "Remember, you have absolutely nothing to lose. You can unsubscribe at any time [this is for subscriptions]. Plus, you get to keep the [bonuses] FREE of charge! I'm literally taking all the risk on my shoulders, because I am 100% confident that you will be thrilled with [benefits] after you [try/use/purchase/...][my product]"

That's it from this copywriting crash course. If you follow this advice, you should at least triple your subscriptions, sales etc.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

An exellent freebie for YOU - Read on!

Hi, today I'm going to GIVE YOU something extremely powerful just for being a reader of this blog. You are about to get FREE access to about 5 hours of free advice and information from a top affiliate marketing expert - James Martell.

James Martell’s Affiliate Buzz Newsletter, produced biweekly (that’s twice a month) is an excellent example of consistent content aimed at helping affiliate marketers get all the tips, tricks and strategies they need to help their affiliate business grow strong and healthy.
Affiliate Buzz is a 30 minute audio newsletter designed to allow you to keep working or take notes while you listen to James discuss the industry with fellow associate Charles Johnston. Each issue of Affiliate Buzz is recorded in a laid-back style meant to entertain as well as inform.

The show itself is broken down into three parts, with sections dealing with motivation, information, and inspiration. Each section runs about ten minutes long each (30 minutes total) and is tailored to keep affiliate marketers focused and inspired while they work on their marketing strategies.

These shows can either stream through your internet audio (much like an internet radio system) or you are free to download and save these newsletters so you can go over them in detail and listen to them at your leisure.


James Martell has put together a package of what he believes are the 10 best shows of 2004 and made them available to you for a FREE evaluation. That means you can sit down and listen to about 5 hours of free advice and information from a top affiliate marketing expert.

How much would you pay for the kind of strategies, information, and insight into business management, revenue streams, and other important aspects of your affiliate marketing business? How much would you pay to be successful? Well, forget about it, because Marketing secrets is offering you a chance to improve your business simply by filling out a simple form below. By submitting the form, you will subscribe to my special Marketing Secrets ezine and you will get a link to your free audio newsletter through email. You will never be spammed, I promise.


In any business environment, it’s important to get a leg up on the competition. Simply checking out the Affiliate Buzz newsletter 10 best shows of 2004 will give you that leg up.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Internet marketing

Hi, how are you doing?

Today I'm going to talk about a few diferent aspects of internet marketing. I've written about it in the past, but here I'm going to focus on exactly how to market your product over the internet.

Internet marketing is not that diferent from "normal" marketing. In fact - the same rules apply to internet marketing as do to marketing your product elswhere.

So, after you've got your product (a good one, remember?), it's time to sell it online. If it's a downloadable product (information product such as an ebook, or software etc.), I strongly recommend you check out Click Bank as this is probably the best marketing solution online. They will provide you with the easiest secure paiment form I've ever seen. The best part is - it's actually an affiliate program. That means that it makes it easy for your partners to sell the product for you (no work advertising - a HUGE plus). You simply set what commission you are willing to pay for each product sold. I recommend you set it to about 70%. It seams you are loosing money while actually you are becomming interesting to superaffiliates. Those are the people that can get you 10-100 sales a day!!! Imagine if you get only $15 a sale. That's $1500 a day. Not bad for no work, huh?

In this case, you must get internet hosting, have a sales and a thank you page ready. That's all although that's really the hard part. Read some of the previous posts to see how that's done.

Of course it's not the only internet marketing solution. You can also advertise on your own. Here's where it becomes interesting to affiliate marketers. The fastest way, and I mean the fastest is to set up an affiliate web site and do the pay per click advertising. There are many very high traffic sites that have the "advertise here" option. You can get a couple of 1000 real targeted visits for as low as $50. I think you see how this can work well. Be sure to capture email addresses.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one thing you have to do in order to get search engine traffic. This is said to be the best internet marketing solution. Well, the only problem is that you have to find a niche where not everybody is already doing it. Don't try to do search engine optimization for a key word such as "search engine optimization" - there's too much competition out there. A better sollution is to make at least 20 pages, each optimized for a not so searched term wih little competition. That's where you can strike a gold mine. If you have 20 highly optimized pages for 20 keywords that are searched 500 times a month, you will show on the first page in the search engines and that's a potential of 10.000 highly targeted visitors a month. Why am I telling you this? I must be nuts ;))

For more on SEO, see previous posts.

But presentation is what really matters. Make your web sites as good looking as possible. Consider the following few sites:

SEO elite software - a must have

Search engine cloaker - just to see the presentation. Using such software is not recommended by this site.

How to write your ebook in 7 days - this one was done by one of the best copywriters ever. A must see site.

Now that you've got a feel how it's done, do it yourself. For more examples, go here and simply check out the first 20 sites in each category. These are all examples of the sales letters - major part of internet marketing!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Making money online is all about marketing


do you ever wonder why some people almost always make money online and the others (maybe even you) struggle and get very little or none?

Well, the answer is simple. The ones that do make it have realized the most important concept online: MARKETING. Everything online resolves around marketing. More precisely - it's all in the presentation. That's right. You have to think with the mind of your prospects while you're building your web sites, informaton products, well any product you want to market.

Again, I would like you to read the four p's of marketing and beyond post and think about what marketing really is. Most people confuse marketing with advertising. Advertising is a part of the marketing process, but the whole concept of marketing is very broad.

What you should be doing
  • Make your sites pleasing to the eye (no flashy colours, nice graphic - but not too much of it, rarely use more than three colours etc.)
  • When writing content, think of what exactly you would like to know if you were the reader of those sites
  • Make yourself look like an authority on the subject (and also try to really be - investigate the subject you're writing about...)
  • Be unbiased
  • Please your targeted public, but also write about a bit more general stuff (also concerning your subject)
  • Get known: participate in forums, blogs, discussion boards etc.
  • Actually practice what you learn here or in e-books, courses, other sites... Many people just learn what's right, but never actually DO IT.

There are tons of ideas on how to make money online, but almost none will get you rich without any work (in the beginning!). I say almost because there's always something out there, but chances are very slim that the investments will be really small.

Remember, the key to internet success is marketing.

Like what you read here? If so, please vote for me by clicking only once on the buttons at the very bottom of this web site. I will keep posting fresh, free and great information for you to really get rich with the help of the internet. You can also refer three friends and get a free bonus ebook on marketing. Bye for now and happy marketing.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Free report: How to make $1000's with Google Adsense

Hi, what I'm about to share with you is of a very sensitive nature. I don't know how much time I can live this post here, because there's a whole bunch of people that don't want this kind of information out in the public.

The only thing that can stop you from earning a lot of money online with this is not doing it. That's it. This information sells for as much as $300! As much of the information needed is already on this blog, I will be short. You will have to purchase some tools to do it properly. Don't worry, if you bought any of the ebooks on this, you'd still have to buy this exact software. Trust me. I know.

I've been doing this for some time and was interested in doing also something else. I started buying all the "uniqe" ebooks on the topic and they all gave me the exact same info. I got sick of it and am now giving you this info for free.

Let's get right into the meat of this. I won't tell a long storry here. I'll just break it down into a few simple steps that are very self explanatory if you follow them exactly. They go as follows:

  1. Brainstorm what your web site should be about
  2. Do the keyword research with (Choose the keyword selector tool) and find related keywords. See if there's too much competition --> do a Google and Yahoo! searches. If there's more than a couple of million other web sites on most of the keywords, then think of something else. Also make sure that there are at least 25 very relevant keywords in your search.
  3. If you don't have an Adsense account yet, create a blog with Post a few good content posts and apply for adsense - can also be done with account (under settings - Adsense).
  4. Get a domain name and hosting (I suggest Your domain name should include your top keyword. This keyword should actually be the third most searched on. If you can squeeze two in there, fine. Just don't make it too long. Get it now and return here.

  5. Purchase Traffic Equalizer and familiarize yourself with it. Use your researched keywords to create websites with your new software. Jazz your template up a bit. You can use any "site building" software like front page express etc. You will get one free with your web hosting account. Build the sites and upload them. It's very easy to do - you'll get video tutorials with your traffic equalizer. Remember to get your Adsense ads in the template.

  6. As you've uploaded the web sites, use the blog and ping technique. And you're set. Forget about it and just see your profits roll in :))

Here you have it in a flash. It really works. Try it, it's risk free as all of the purchases include a money-back guarantee.