Thursday, April 20, 2006

The biggest mistake in Internet marketing

Dear friend,

what do you think is a single most important mistake people make when they try to go into Internet marketing?

The biggest mistake is that they don't brand themselves!

Let me quickly explain...

In order for people to buy things from you, you have to build trust for you inside their minds. This can be done by branding yourself.

OK, how do you brand yourself, then?

Simple, what you have to do is associate yourself with quality and do it a few times. You could also do it only once if it is really something big. Also, you have to get your name and image in front of people as much as you can. You can achieve this by doing the following things (this holds true in the Internet marketing business):

  • Write high quality articles on your topic and submit them to article directories
  • Write press releases to promote your site -- on that site you can have a high-quality incentive for people to sign up for your newsletter. From there on you can build relationship and brand yourself
  • Have your own official blog where you regularly do high-quality postings
  • Create quality viral reports (.pdf, MP3, even video...)
  • Ask a fellow Internet marketers to interview you and be sure to give a lot of value in the interview. Mention your site and have "a surprise bonus" for the listeners ready
  • Post on forums, in chat rooms and be informative. Always keep people wanting more -- so find a balance between giving quality information and not revealing too much
  • Other ways...

You see, you have to get people comfortable with you to start buying from you. You must prove yourself to them. It makes sense. People are over-marketed today and are very sceptical. But this can also be an advantage...

If you successfully brand yourself and get the trust of many people, they will much more likely buy from you than from anyone else -- and they will do that repeatedly!

So, do all the steps above and more and you are soon to become a master Internet marketer.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Internet marketing secret weapon

Dear friend,

do I have a treat for you today...

If you have a blog... then this is the most important post you'll ever read...

I have come across something GIANT today. It is a masterpiece and if you've ever had trouble getting traffic and high search engine rankings for your blog, then this is a piece of software you'll really want to own...

What it does is it automatically sends your blog's RSS feed to over 100 major blog directories thus creating a stream of high PR incoming links to your blog! That means:

  • YOUR blog will be indexed by the major search engines in a record time (there have been some reports of inclusion in just 48 hours)
  • YOUR blog will be on a very high position for your selected keyword in the major search engines (MSN, Yahoo!, Google) in about 7 days! -- that means you'll be getting targeted traffic to your web site (and lots of it) -- for FREE.

I wonder how many high ranking, profit pulling blogs you'll quickly create after you purchase this software!

But you have to act quickly as Rob is letting only 200 or so customers to this product as he wants it to be effective for a very long time.

So, visit the web site by clicking on the image below:

Click here to visit the web site (you will kick yourself later if you don't!)

Have a great day and hope you find this post very useful.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Marketers! Did you see what Joe Vitale did?


I don't know what he's up to...but I want in on it! Did you see the e-mail that Dr. Joe Vitale sent yesterday? He's up to something and I have a feeling that it will be so shocking that it will be talked about for a long time to come.

Heck, this promotion may even change the way that everyone markets on the internet!(something called a S.S.L. about a H.S.S.S.E???) I pasted the e-mail below for you to read just in case you missed it. What do you think he's up to? Whatever it is - everyone is watching Joe's every move because word on the street is that the new promotion he's about to launch will make every other marketing product, book, or course out there look like child's play.

See below...

- Blaz Banic

-- Original Email --

Hi Everyone,

The last promotion I did created such a splash on the internet that my website (see below), was one of the most viewed websites on the internet. I was in shock! During the last week of March, the website sat on the top 10 list of Alexa's 'Movers and Shakers'! Countless e-mails poured in - asking me "how did you do it?".

By far, it was the biggest response that I have ever seen from one little promotion. Why did the website create such a splash? It was because of Hypnotic Marketing. I used one of the secret techniques I teach in my Hypnotic Selling Secrets Course. I know that many of you would love to learn this and the thousands of other ideas I provide you in my course... but you can't. In fact, no one can right now.

I took the Hypnotic Selling Secrets course off of the market to prepare for the most shocking launch that I've ever done. In fact, I took the course off of the market several months ago to gear up for this...

In just a few more days, you can be one of the very few to get access to the new Limited Edition Hypnotic Selling Secrets course. But you must act quickly. Right now you can register to get onto my Priority Notification list.

Only those that register on the list will be given the actual date this month that I will launch. Since it is truly a Limited Edition, I'm sure everything will sell out in just a few hours. To get all of the inside info, and make sure you get in on this too, just go to:

Go for it.

Dr. Joe Vitale

PS. Even if you already own the original version of Hypnotic Selling Secrets, you will not want to miss the hidden marketing lessons that I'll be giving everyone on the priority notification list.

Go to:

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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Internet marketing

Why Internet marketing? What's so different from normal marketing?

Well, there are many similarities, but there are some major differences. For example, in Internet marketing you have to take a different approach at communicating with people. It's more on the personal level. People go online for information. So in order to be able to sell them the site must at first appear as if it contains real information. With reading the sales copy they are slowly lured into really wanting the information on the web site... so much so that at the end they are willing to pull out their wallet and pay instantly.

In the Internet marketing world there's also another very important element -- email marketing. It is almost imperative to capture leads (people's names and email addresses). That way a marketer can easily reach his contacts and bond with them so that they become much more inclined to buy what he's selling.

On the Internet people are in an even greater hurry than in the real world and marketing has to be adjusted to that. People also multitask like crazy online. So if a web site owner wants people's attention, he or she must use certain techniques that are crucial in Internet marketing and not so in off-line marketing.

Most of this points were discussed some time ago in the four p's of marketing post.

So now you can see that internet marketing is a science in itself and it takes some time to get good at it. But let me tell you: it pays off and it pays off good. Once a person gets the basics down and gets what internet marketing is all about he or she can literally build virtual empires and become rich beyond his or her dreams.

For the end, let me in on a secret... most of the internet marketing is in the "appearances"! The way you look and position yourself in the minds of your prospects determines whether you'll be a huge success or a failure. Think about it and do your best to have your web sites look as professional as possible.

Have a great day, write you soon.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Online success report will air on Thursday, April 6. 2006!

Hi, just a reminder that the free report I'll be launching will go live on April 6. (that's three days from now!). If you haven't subscribed yet, then do so as that way you'll be the first to get it! Rest assured it will give away a lot of secrets of online marketing and making money online.

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