Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The WRONG way to do Internet marketing

Long ago, when Internet marketing first started out, people begun to implement some of the offline marketing techniques and applied them to the newly forming online marketplace.

At first, they faced many problems as not so many people were using the Internet and many were very sceptical at that time.

Let's face it, it was something new and webmasters had no reference, no manuals, nothing to compare their business to. They were on their own...

But they got right into it. They created their web sites and started testing things that over time developed into a highly specific form of marketing called: Internet or online marketing.

And, pretty soon they were getting massive success. Many people picked up on that, some of the best wrote courses and in a few years a giant mass of people suddenly came online to start a successful business -- or so they thought...

As it turns out, many people from the non-economical fields joined the "gold rush". New web sites came by the millions out of nowhere and each one was using same tricks (read that word again!) to gain search engine rankings, get people from forums visiting their web sites, developing pyramid schemes and pretty soon everything those first Internet marketers were working for so hard to learn has become utterly useless.

What's more, thousands of people started to "spy"on the most successful people in the Internet marketing community and exactly mimicking what they were doing. This all wouldn't be so bad if some of those guys wouldn't have created ebooks telling the world exactly how to "get to the riches quickly".

Again, the techniques failed to work within a year and it was "back to the drawing board". This pattern seems to repeat itself every year and as a result a few guys make millions and others go home with their hopes down again.

Well, guess what?

Sadly, many people still don't get what it's all about. Instead of running their activities online as a business, they're jumping from opportunity to opportunity, from one "great technique" to another. They get the fundamental thing wrong...

And that is... It's very hard to start an Internet business without any budget and time. I intentionally didn't use the word impossible because there's always some way of achieving that, but 99.999% of time this doesn't happen.

What's worse is that there are many (not all!) people out there intentionally spreading the wrong information to keep their businesses safe and to earn some extra cash while they do it. Good for them, but we didn't come online to make THEM cash, right? We came to earn it ourselves...

My point here is: the wrong way of doing Internet marketing will be very costly and will bring little to no results...

On the other hand, the right way of doing Internet marketing will take some time, study and money at first, but in the long run it will begin to sustain itself and become a fully automated way of earning money.

Now I don't know about you, but I'd take the second way myself (and I did).

My advice to you is this: treat what you do online as a business. Plan, aim for long-term success and make it as automatic as possible. If you can't afford to outsource some of these skills: copywriting, product creation, traffic generation, advertising and so on, learn them yourself.

Some, such as graphics and web site design, I suggest you spend some bucks on to get it well.

And what I also discovered was that the most successful Internet marketers are able to "think out of the box". I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but I urge you to think about it...
Nothing is prohibited (well, there are some things, like SPAM), but don't get all tied up in the current matrices imposed to you by others.

Think, create, test, refine and you'll soon be a true wizard in Internet marketing.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

How good the Affiliate Project X really is?

Do you hate buying ebooks full of advice that doesn't work?

Sadly, there's tons of such garbage ebooks available and produced every day to be purchased by the excited and unwary beginners that want to make it in the Internet marketing business (or any other area).

Let's face it, who in their right mind would actually go out and sell his million dollar advice for less than $100, especially when a giant risk is present that people using his/her techniques will create great competition and soon render ALL of the techniques USELESS?

And on top of it all, most of the so called "Gurus" that write such ebooks have made their fortune by selling people ebooks on how to sell.

You know, it's quite different to sell a hyped up product to so many desperate buyers than trying to sell legitimate, quality products without hype that, in my experience, in MOST niches has a totally reverse effect -- people just don't buy. Period.

By the way, I sell in many different niches (and counting :-) ) and the only three where I succeeded selling with hype was the Internet marketing niche, the seduction niche and the persuasion niche. Now I refrain from using hype in my promotions as I really believe in people making the right decision with their intellect rather than emotion.

As you may already know, there's been quite a huge launch of a new ebook called Affiliate Project X. With all the "buzz" that it created, I decided to purchase it and take it "under my microscope".

And what I discovered was this...
Quite frankly, I already knew most of the techniques presented in the ebook. They're good techniques and I've tested some in the past with great success. Some I'm in the process of testing as we speak and some I didn't know before already proved to be great...
Here's the problem, however: the most valuable of all of the advices was not presented in a completely clear and step-by-step way. Having quite some experiences myself, I was able to quickly catch on and use the technique to generate the first $44.36 in less than 10 minutes. Not bad for a few minutes of work, but I really wondered if someone without the experience would be able to pull the same thing off...
Don't get me wrong, the Affiliate Project X ebook is generally a great read, it contains a lot of valuable information that has proven to me to work consistently. Chris really "tells it like it is" and uses no fluff or filler.
Now, I know what you're thinking... What good is all the information if it'll take me years and additional $1000s to learn how to make it really work like it should?
The biggest "missing link" I see in the Affiliate Project X ebook is the elaboration of how to actually write in such a way that people will be literally stuck to the screen, reading every single word you write so that you can effortlessly gently melt their resistance and help them decide to "buy now" because you really believe in the product you promote and wish many, many people to own it.
This just didn't seem right to me. But because I found the information contained in the Affiliate Project X so good and some things even genius, I decided to do something to help you get the most out of it.
I decided to give you a special bonus if you purchase Affiliate Project X through the special link I'll provide you here...
Let me break this down for you...
There's no doubt that reading Affiliate Project X and implementing the techniques presented will finally give you the edge needed to really succeed online (they're really that good).
Because I want to reward you for taking action and also for purchasing through my link (earning me a commission -- you pay exactly the same amount), I'll throw in a "fast action BONUS" -- a special report written by a professional copywriter that will cover the core part that's missing in the main Affiliate Project X ebook.
Here's what's contained in this short, concise and extremely controversial report:
  • The Lazy Man's Secret to "Greased Slide" copy (So you can swiftly and easily churn out attention-grabbing copy and pocket more cash without ever breaking a sweat!)
  • 147 Unique "Read Me!" Phrases (So you'll never be at a loss at where to start, and so you can easily and effortlessly write more copy in less time.)
  • The "Insiders Only" Secret To Deviously Effective Copy
  • What NEVER to do when you start an important paragraph (Don't make this mistake!)
  • The tiny little phrases that can turn a copy bust into a profit BOOM (So you can spend LESS time and make MORE money. Who else wants to make more money with less work?)
  • Why a single-syllable word can make the difference between a paragraph that's ignored and a paragraph that's hungrily read. (Quickly and easily turn your "viewers" into "buyers," so you can spend less time writing and more time counting cash!)

Here's what this special bonus report will do for you... You'll discover ONE copywriting secret, ONE copywriting technique, ONE unique tactic - That's taught almost NOWHERE else. All the top copywriters use it, but most other copywriters are completely oblivious. In other words, you'll ...

Discover a Little-Known Copywriting Secret That NOBODY Else Will Tell You About!

Okay. Here's how you can quickly get access to this $50 report:


Visit the site for Affiliate Project X through the link below and purchase the ebook:


Go to your email account and add the email: to your contacts list. This way I'll be better able to contact you (because of all the SPAM filters).
Nothing :-)
Just simply wait for me to contact you. I'll get your information when you purchase. I'll contact you with your bonus within 24-48 hours (usually much less). I will never SPAM you or give your information to anyone else. I hate SPAM, probably even more than you.
Enjoy your newly found knowledge! I hope you succeed beyond your wildest dreams and contact me when you do to tell me how that feels :-)

Here's to your success!

Blaz Banic

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Internet marketing answers

Hello again!

The winner of the last week's contest will be announced at the end of this post...

Unfortunately I didn't have any time to do a proper promotion for this contest, but non the less, 136 people read it and strangely enough, only two decided to participate. I must admit I expected at least 20 answers as it really took only 10 minutes and the reward was $50.

Nah well, another lesson learned... never do anything in a hurry and make everything stupid-simple. I guess I complicated too much with the reward being through ClickBank and with such a long introduction. Not to mention that the title wasn't really something eye-catching.

I suggest you write these things down as they are very important for success. If something seems right and "a great idea" in your head, it doesn't mean it will WORK in the real world.

Now that I have the results and that I put more thought into it, I would have done the following:
  • A great eye-catching and motivational title. Maybe "Who else wants to WIN easy $50 directly to their ClickBank account for answering just a few simple questions? Read on to learn how you can do it in 10 minutes from now..."
  • Clear and very short instructions that should answer the questions: WHY? WHAT? WHO? WHEN? EXACTLY HOW?
  • Maybe some more hype
  • Call to immediate action
  • Promotion: mainly Internet marketing forums (sig files), pushing the entire week
  • Adding a viral twist to it (e.g. "I am constantly tracking my site stats and have the information about which site people come from. The one that refers the most visitors gets another $197 bonus PLUS a PERMANENT PR4 link back to your site -- I will visit your site and contact you from there by email, so be sure to expect an email from "Blaz Banic" on Tuesday, Oct. 10. 2006!...)
Maybe some more things, but that would have been (and will be soon) a great contest :-)

Now to the $50 prize winner...

This has been a truly hard decision. The ONLY TWO ANSWERS (both ironically by Mikes :-) ) that I got were both very good, so I decided to reward both participants. The winner will get $50 and the second one will get a lesser commission.

As soon as I post this, I'll go to ClickBank marketplace and purchase a product through the winner's ClickBank link that he provided. I'll purchase through the second link some time this month.

So, the winner is (although the decision was very tough) the following response...

Mike said...

1.) What is in your opinion the single most important thing that's keeping you from succeeding on the Internet?

Time. I have 2 young kids and I'm still at my full-time job for now. Finding serious time to devote to my online business is always a challenge. Many people don't realize that this is more than a hobby. It's a business and you need to spend time building it.

2.) If you could only be revealed one single real "Holy-grail-type" secret regarding Internet marketing, what would your question be?The 'secret formula' I'd like to learn is how to make a great profit and then replicate that success automatically again and again with little be able to put it all on autopilot so I can have time for other things.

3.) What was the thing that got you to buy the last ebook you purchased online recently (e.g. "the buzz", "proof", "testimonials from respected people", "curiosity"...). If you never bought an ebook, you can write why you haven't bought any yet...

The last ebook I purchased was Jeremy Palmer's "High Performance Affiliate Marketing." Two things convinced me to purchase it. 1. It came recommended by another marketer whose opinion I value highly. 2. The 'proof' he offered in the form of actual awards won by networks such as Commission Junction, including a link to the award with his name on it on CJ's site. It proved he was for real.

4.) What do you expect (and demand?) to learn from a good Internet marketing type ebook?

I expect an interesting read (not a boring and lifeless textbook) that teaches me something I didn't already know. One or two good tips can be enough to justify the price.

5.) What gets you to recommend a site to your list/readers (= to put the link on your web site or even write a short passage or an article about it)?It has to be something that would benefit my readers and something that is relevant to my niche. If it offers good information or saves time, there's a good chance I'll recommend it. Of course, being able to earn a commission on it never hurts. :)

Clickbank ID - mcollins18

Mike Collins, check your ClickBank account, you should have a sale there in a short while. The purchaser will be Blaz Banic :-) CONGRATULATIONS!

This is it from me for now...

Oh, one more thing for everybody:

If you haven't seen it yet (not very likely), you absolutely must take a look and purchase the Affiliate Project X ebook. The ideas in there are genius and I can personally attest that they work!

Use my link and I'll surprize you with a special bonus (after you purchase, put the email: hypnodoc(at) in your "Contacts" list so I'll be reliably able to contact you. As you know, I don't SPAM and you won't be added to any lists. This will be for this one time purpose only)...

--> STEP ONE -- follow the below link

--> STEP TWO -- Add my email (hypnodoc(at) to your "contacts" list and wait a few days... That's it :-)

Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Internet marketing questions

-- Contest ended --

"Suppose for a moment that you've read this post, decided to participate and besides feeling all the excitement, you got your curiosity satisfied and be in a game for a really great "$50 directly in your ClickBank affiliate account" prize... would you want to miss all that? If not, read on..."

Hi, this post is about YOU, so I decided to make it a bit more fun and exciting :-)

Before I go on with the posts on how to establish a successful business on the Internet and how to market it correctly, I'd like to ask YOU, the one that this blog is meant for, a few quick questions...

Let me explain why...

I'm in the middle of writing an astonishing ebook on how to earn money online. But I've set some really high standards for myself. I refuse to write some B.S. 35 page ebook no body's going to read just to make a few lousy bucks (even if it's a few thousand lousy bucks).

No. I want people to not just love my products, but be completely ecstatic about them and to get out of them many times more than they paid for...

So, I want to incorporate your wishes in it so that it will really help you make money online and help you develop excellent marketing for your web site.

Here are the questions:

1.) What is in your opinion the single most important thing that's keeping you from succeeding on the Internet?

2.) If you could only be revealed one single real "Holy-grail-type" secret regarding Internet marketing, what would your question be?

3.) What was the thing that got you to buy the last ebook you purchased online recently (e.g. "the buzz", "proof", "testimonials from respected people", "curiosity"...). If you never bought an ebook, you can write why you haven't bought any yet...

4.) What do you expect (and demand?) to learn from a good Internet marketing type ebook?

5.) What gets you to recommend a site to your list/readers (= to put the link on your web site or even write a short passage or an article about it)?

This is enough. Answering those quick questions is easily worth $50 and free access to the ebook when it's finished.

HOW TO WIN THE PRIZE (= $50 to your ClickBank affiliate account) -- THE RULES:

  • the contest will run from today, Oct. 3. 2006 till Tuesday, Oct. 10. 2006
  • the "cash prize" will be awarded to the one that in MY opinion wrote best answers
  • It's advisable to also leave your email or Warrior forum nick name so I'll be able to contact you if you win
  • if you don't leave any contact info, come back on Oct. 3. to check out if your post has won
  • you'll get your reward this way: 1.) I'll contact you if you win 2.) you send me your ClickBank affiliate ID 3.) I'll purchase a product through your Affiliate link so that you get awarded at least $50 commission. I purchase through the marketplace a lot and I know the affiliate payouts for each product
  • oh yeah... EVERYBODY that participates will get a free copy of the ebook when it's ready!


Two reasons:

1.) Many countries (mine included) can only use PayPal to purchase products, but not get paid. Many more can become ClickBank affiliates and get checks.

2.) For a vast majority of affiliates it's a great struggle to get that first sale and many loose their faith and strength before they can make any money. I want to give those people a boost. First, they'll see that you can actually get paid if someone buys through your link (at the beginning I remember being very sceptical about this even working right :-) ) and second, having $50 in your account can be a real motivation to get another $50 on your own and get your first $100 check. This is what can make someone devote more energy in their online business and start making serious money online.




Simply post a comment with your answers on this post. You can choose between "Blogger", "Anonymous" or "Other". Do whatever you wish, but please, please NO SPAMMING. I don't allow any links to your web sites and opportunities. The only links allowed are in the name of the contestant (= choose "Other" and type in your name and URL to your web site).

Great, now it's really the end... happy answering and hope YOU're the one to win the prize...